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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Cynthia "All Race, All The Time" McKinney
by Cordeiro
Her case has been referred to the Feds for prosecution. McKinney claims her hairdo was "profiled" as opposed to the fact she wasn't wearing her identification pin issued to all Members of Congress.

Face recognition is the issue .... The pin doesn't have my name on it and it doesn't have my picture on it, and so security should not be based on a pin ... People are focused on my hairdo.
She's got a rather loose definition of the term "hairdo". She must take hair tips from James Traficant.
Ms. McKinney, the Capitol Police have much better things to do than memorize the facial features of all 535 Senators and Representatives. One of those things just happens to be defending the Capitol from nutcases who want to shoot people and blow things up.

Memo to the voters of Georgia's 4th Congressional District:

Retire this woman in November, please. She's on the fast track to becoming the leading National Embarrassment in Congress - and believe me, there's a lot of competition for that prize. She's the poster girl for every moonbatty, half-baked, and far flung conspiracy theory on the map. She's groveled before foreign princes for political cash. Now she's turned around and smacked someone whose sworn job it is to protect her.

This has little, if anything to do with racism. The central point of this issue is the fact that Cynthia McKinney believes she's above the law, and therefore above reproach. The cop did his job. If she isn't willing to adhere to the requirements of her job, then the time has come for her to be relieved of the privilege of serving in Congress.

Here endeth the lesson.
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LMAO... She looks like Buckwheat...
Buckwheat has better manners then Ms. (loosely used here) McKinney. Retire her ASAP!!! Let's get on with other more important issues rather than dealing with her self pity over a bad hair day. **smile**
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