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Monday, April 17, 2006
Jason Leopold reads SOTR
by Cordeiro
One week ago, I wrote a post on a hit piece written by one Jason Leopold on a DailyKos wannabe site Truthout.org. To sum up my remarks, Leopold claimed to have broken a news story that was not, in fact, news.

In fact, his whole premise of 1,228 words lacked any basis in substantive fact what so ever.

We don't get too many comments here at SOTR, and between Bonjo and myself we're fine with that. We know our readership pretty well and it can be safely said we don't blog for the exposure or fame. Between the two of us, we're pretty technically adept, so when a new reader (or commenter) comes across our blog, we have a pretty good idea where they came from.

So when "Anonymous" left a derogatory, inflammatory, and downright nasty comment on my post regarding Mr. Leopold's lack of journalistic talent and literary expertise, my curiosity got the best of me and I set about checking into this mysterious commenter.

I've been known to be wrong, on occasion, however both Bonjo and myself feel pretty confident in asserting that only a self-absorbed narcissist would search through 32 pages of Google results looking for websites featuring his/her name. So it is with great pride that we welcome Jason Leopold to the SiteMeter rated 25 readers of the SOTR.

His byline will mention his former employer as the Dow Jones Newswires. Conspicuously absent is any mention of his time at Salon - where his attempted smackdown of former Secretary of the Army Thomas White blew up in his (Leopold's) face.

It seems Leopold has a little problem with mixing facts with his own delusional dreams. When that takes too much time, he simply lifts entire paragraphs from the journalistic works of others. More on his checkered "professional" work can be found here.

So, Mr. Leopold, welcome to the ranks of the SOTR readership. Stick around, you might actually learn something.

Here endeth the lesson.

PS: Jason, if you comment on this post, watch your $&^%@*# mouth or we'll delete yet another of your comments.
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I had a commenter lift quotes from Jason Leopold also, although I don't think it was Leopold. Can we compare the IP addresses to see if they're the same?
I just had EXACTLY the same thing happen in the comments section of my most recent DUmmie FUnnies BLOG about Jason Leopold. Someone posting as "Anonymous" left a whole bunch of really NUttie posts in the comments section. Check it out for the laughs!
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