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Thursday, April 20, 2006
Mr. Hu Goes To Washington
by Cordeiro
Today, Chinese President Hu Jintao made an "official visit" to the White House. There he was received by W and had the customary press conference on the lawn.

It should be noted there will be no state dinner for Mr. Hu. There will be no official reception as would be accorded a head of state from a friendly or allied nation. Mr. Hu was accorded the same respect as would be the President of Lithuania - with one small, but glaring exception.

Meet the credentialed Chinese-American journalist who writes for a publication sponsored by Falun Gong. Mr. Hu and company hate Falun Gong.

As Mr. Hu was making his speech, she started to scream at him - loudly. In English she yelled:

President Bush, stop him from killing...stop persecuting the Falun Gong!
Then in Chinese, so Mr. Hu would not misunderstand:
President Hu, your days are numbered, No more time for China's ruling party.
Mr. Hu is completely unfamiliar with the concept of heckling - especially prolonged heckling. In China this woman would've been shot before the she drew a second breath with which to denounce Mr. Hu.

China's communist party lives under the delusion that it snuffed out the yearning of the Chinese people for a strange concept called Freedom in 1989. They believe they bludgeoned, shot, trampled, and otherwise destroyed the people's desire for freedom in a place whose name has become synonymous with the struggle against oppression for liberty. That place is called Tiananmen Square and it sits in the heart of Beijing.

It was a place where a small band of students gathered to demand simple freedoms like those enjoyed and guaranteed to Americans. Freedom of Assembly. Freedom of the Press. Freedom of Speech. Their protests were met with tanks, rifles, and grenades. Final casualty estimates from the Tiananmen Square Massacre range from the official tally of 300 to a Red Cross estimate of 3,000.

Today, Mr. Hu heard the echoes of Tiananmen Square in the voice of one woman as he delivered his sanitized prepared remarks. He was clearly unnerved by this event. W looked at him with an expression of "Hey, pal, this is what I deal with every day."

Mr. Hu would do well to realize he lacks the ability to destroy the human desire for freedom. What starts with one voice often turns into a chorus joined by those who have already made the ultimate sacrifice for liberty. The Echoes of Tiananmen will only grow louder.

Here endeth the lesson.

Video HT Michelle
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