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Monday, April 10, 2006
Right Wing House Goes Nuts
by Cordeiro
Perusing the Blogosphere today, I came across a post on Rick Moran's Right Wing Nut House which trumpeted the headline BIG TROUBLE FOR BUSH.

Moran references an article found on an obscure site titled Truthout.org written by Jason Leopold - citing un-named and thus uncorroborated sources claiming W and Big Time discussed the covert status of Valerie Plame prior to the leak with blew whatever cover she may or most likely may not have been under at the time.

[Cue conspiracy music]

Leopold does his best to convince the reader that "Scooter" Libby has fingered W and Big Time as the originators of the Plame leak. My guess is Leopold has been camped out on the White House lawn since the original Robert Novak article - waiting for W to be frog-marched off the premises with Big Time right behind him.

For someone whose claim to blog fame is that he's "spent the last year cultivating sources close to the CIA leak investigation", Leopold is surprisingly dense. The only thing Libby has fingered W and Big Time for doing is authorizing the release of certain up-to-then classified portions of a National Intelligence Estimate regarding WMD's in Iraq.

Memo to Mr. Leopold and the rest of the MSM punditocracy: All intelligence agencies operate under the Executive branch of the Government. Its in the Constitution - look it up. As the Chief Executive, the President, and by delegation, the Vice-President, have the authority to de-classify and release what ever information they see fit. Authorized release of information is not a leak. End of memo.

Mr. Leopold claims W and Big Time discussed Plame's CIA employment four-months prior to the Novak column. By extreme deduction, he also insinuates authorization to leak said status was given during or subsequent to that meeting. Mr. Leopold's premise is fundamentally and structurally flawed.

First, discussion does not equal leak authorization. When W said in October 2003 he "no idea who was responsible for unmasking Plame Wilson to columnist Robert Novak and other reporters" he meant just that. No evidence what so ever exists for Leopold's accusation that:

...just four months earlier, they had agreed to launch a full-scale campaign to undercut Wilson's credibility by planting negative stories about his personal life with the media.
Nice try, Jason. Why Dow Jones ever hired you for journalistic skills is beyond me.

For the record, Libby's indictment (read the whole mind-numbing thing here) does not accuse him of leaking Plame's covert status. He is principally accused of perjury in that he told the Grand Jury he learned of Plame's status from NBC's Chris Matthews (Matthews has denied knowing anything about this, or anything else for that matter) when in fact he had learned it from government sources.

Leopold, and Moran by proxy, are searching for a smoking gun. What they have found is a little less than nothing masquerading as a bombshell behind banner headlines.

Nice try. Actually nice try is too much of a compliment. Mediocre at best.

Here endeth the lesson.
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"obscure site titled Truthout.org"

Try left wing scandal rag.. A lot more accurate..
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