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Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Send In The Next Spear Catcher
by Cordeiro
Well, this should make the daily White House Press Briefings a little more interesting if not entertaining.

Tony Snow, former Bush 41 speech writer, host of Fox News Sunday, and most recently his own syndicated talk show, has accepted W's request to be the next White House Spear Catcher - a post commonly referred to as White House Press Secretary.

I'll make no excuses, I like Tony Snow. I think he has a lot of great experience on both sides of the White House podium and will acquit himself well as the new face of the White House. If nothing else, the ratings for the daily press gaggle will go up.

He makes no excuses for his personal views. He's taken some well placed shots at the current White House Press Corps. They won't be able to ride rough shod over his press briefings.

Helen "Two Bag" Thomas beware!
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