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Monday, May 22, 2006
Jason Leopold Hears Voices
by Cordeiro
Via Captain Ed today comes yet another chapter in the continuing saga of Truthout.org's Jason Leopold and his descent in a Bizarro world of his own making.

Leopold claims to have a corner market on a scandal that would make the MSM pour into the streets of LA, New York, and DC in a celebration that would make New Year's Eve in Time Square look like a two-year-old's birthday party.

You see, Leopold claims he's received double secret scoop information indicating Karl "Sith Lord" Rove has been indicted in the CIA Plame leak case.

In Leopold's sorry excuse for journalistic prose he claims that:

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent more than half a day Friday at the offices of Patton Boggs, the law firm representing Karl Rove.
There is but one problem with this statement - Howard Kurtz actually talked to Rove's lawyer, one Robert Luskin. I suspect that Kurtz has done more talking to Ruskin in the past week than Leopold has in his entire life.

Ruskin wasn't even at his office on the day (May 12) Leopold claims Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald spent half the day negotiating the terms of the alleged indictment.

Jason, just in case you were wondering, you are now seeing what we at the SOTR refer to as a View from an Earhole. As you have most likely never played the game of football, I won't waste time explaining it to you. To put it bluntly - you lied. Its pretty obvious to even the most dense speculators that you have about as much inside information from Fitzgerald and the White House as a high school gossip columnist.

Washington DC thrives on leaks like this. I can safely assume that if the news of an indictment had, as Leopold less than eloquently stated "...spread through the corridors of the White House" to both senior and low level White House staffers, said news would have been in three-inch headlines on MSM newspapers around the country.

News like this doesn't get leaked to a no-name, convicted felon, and drug user who spews forth baseless accusations masquerading as pseudo-journalism. Nor does it sit under seal for 10 days while said no-name does victory laps around the media.

Unless, of course, you were the one giving keynote address at a Michigan trial lawyer banquet, in which case you could not help but believe what you've wanted to believe for years. Again, another View from an Earhole.

I don't know who Leopold's alleged sources are, but I'm beginning to believe he may be talking to voices that exist in no other world than his own.

Here endeth the lesson.
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