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Thursday, May 18, 2006
Wednesday Highlights
by Cordeiro
Speaking Truth To "Professor" Churchill

Normally I don't participate in the "piling on" so common here in the Blogosphere, but when it comes to those few Wastes Of Skin And Breathable Air (WOSABAs) such as "Professor" Ward Churchill, I'll make an exception.

Yesterday, a five member panel at the University of Colorado found "serious cases of misconduct" in "Professor" Churchill's research - including but not limited to blatant acts of plagiarism and fabrications.

For those of you unfamiliar with those academic language, "plagiarism and fabrications" means when Churchill wasn't stealing the work of other academics, he was making his work up out of whole cloth. It means he's a fake.

The panel will decide "Professor" Churchill's fate on or about June 8. In my humble opinion, this WOSABA deserves to be kicked to the curb - nothing less.

CBS - W a Lame Duck

Dick Myer, the editorial director of CBS News, has declared W to be a Lame Duck - even though some 2.5 years remain of his Administration. Declares the ever prescient Myers:

The Bush administration is now locked in a triple-hammer hold that would defeat Houdini.
The MSM - now known somewhat as the Drive-By-Media - has been writing the epilogue for W for nearly 6 years now. Their reports of his demise have thus far been greatly exaggerated.

The once great CBS News has its own credibility problems to deal with. Its inability to divorce its collective desire to attack W at all costs from its stated civic duty to just report the news has permeated all aspects of the CBS News organization.

Memo to Dick: We're being governed, sir. Just not by the people you want. That is fine with me.
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