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Friday, June 16, 2006
At Last!! A Plan From The Democrats!!
by Cordeiro
Ladies and Gentlemen, after years of whining, nagging, complaining, and good old fashioned Jackass Kvetching, Nancy "Bella" Pelosi and Dusty Harry Reid have finally released what they're billing as a the Congressional Jackass "Plan" for the future of America.

Their poll driven, marketer inspected, focus group produced "Plan" has the catchy title "New Direction For America". It has six basic points which the Congressional Jackasses believe will drive them to victory in November.

Make Health Care More Affordable: Fix the prescription drug program by putting people ahead of drug companies and HMO’s, eliminating wasteful subsidies, negotiating lower drug prices and ensuring the program works for all seniors; invest in stem cell and other medical research.
And exactly how is the nebulous "putting people ahead of drug companies" going to reduce my healthcare costs? Lack of specifics from Pelosi, Reid, et al? I'm shocked.

Lower Gas Prices and Achieve Energy Independence: Crack down on price gouging; eliminate billions in subsidies for oil and gas companies and use the savings to provide consumer relief and develop American alternatives, including biofuels; promote energy efficient technology.
This from a party who has consistently blocked any and all efforts to reduce our nations dependence on foreign oil by kowtowing to a bunch of environmentalist BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything) nutcases? Again, lack of any specifics because specifics would expose them for the moonbats they are.

Help Working Families: Raise the minimum wage; repeal tax giveaways that encourage companies to move jobs overseas.
Raising the minimum wage does nothing but destroy entry level jobs and harm small business - which by the way is the major source of job creation in this economy. Increasing the cost of doing business in the United States will drive more jobs overseas, not keep them here.

Cut College Costs: Make college tuition deductible from taxes; expand Pell grants and slash student loan costs.
Again, no specifics. Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

Ensure Dignified Retirement: Prevent the privatization of Social Security; expand savings incentives; and ensure pension fairness.
There is nothing here which strengthens a system which is hemorrhaging cash and will go bankrupt before today's workforce draws the first dollar of the 16% of their life's wages which was poured into the system. Nothing promised here will do one thing to increase the amount of money in the so-called Social Security Trust Fund.

Require Fiscal Responsibility: Restore the budget discipline of the 1990s that helped eliminate deficits and spur record economic growth.
This may be the only point about which the Jackasses can even begin to claim a modicum of truth. The only problem is, the budget discipline of the 1990s came predominately from spending controls implemented by a conservative Congress. There have been some glimmers of that discipline in the past 5 years, but they have been dim glimmers if they could be seen at all. Democrats would no sooner control spending than they would cut taxes. That is a given.

So, there you have it folks - The "New Direction" for America. The only problem is, its not new. Hell, its not even improved. These are the same old tired pages from a the worn out playbook the Jackasses have been using for 60 years.

If there was any doubt as to the lack of the Democratic party's ability to confront major issues with new ideas, this long awaited, much hyped, but sadly lacking "Plan" removes any and all doubt.

Here endeth the lesson.
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