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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
CAIR's Thong In A Bunch - Again
by Cordeiro
It seems to me that the Counsel for American Islamic Relations lives to complain about nearly everything. They are so intent on portraying the American people, the United States Military, and W in particular as virulent racist anti-arabs that they (CAIR) will believe anything remotely derogatory that furthers their agenda.

And yes, dear reader, they have an agenda.

Their latest complaint comes from a video which purports to show a US Marine singing a song where he glorifies having gunned down members of an Iraqi woman's family. This video was anonymously to the YouTube.com website. Take that with a grain of salt. YouTube.com has since removed the video.

CAIR, however has not. Feel free to view it here.

This video is being investigated by the Marine Corps as of this writing. Out of respect for the time of the Marine Corps investigators, I hope they allow me to save them the effort.

This video is a sham.

If you watch it, in its entirety, you'll see its pretty obvious the soundtrack doesn't match up with the video. You hear the (alleged) Marine singing when his lips aren't moving. You hear the guitar play when his hands aren't strumming it. I know many Marines, not a single one can put on a ventriloquist show while magically making the guitar play itself.

The technology necessary to alter audio and video files is very prevalent around the web. It's not hard to find, nor is it hard to use. The person who altered this video file did a fairly decent job, but not good enough to hide his/her tracks.

CAIR knows this. They don't care. What they see is an opportunity to take cheap shots at the brave men and women of the United States Marine Corps. They do this from their offices which sit less than a mile from the Marine Barracks at 8th and I in Washington DC. They demand investigations by the Pentagon and the Congress.
What they should do is take an actual look at the plain evidence before unloading baseless inflammatory accusations on honorable Marines.

Here endeth the lesson.
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No offense, but Little Green Footballs has a cleaned up version with the video and the audio in sync and it appears to be real. That aside, the song is about a marine being lured into an ambush, which CAIR (and the MSM) conveniently fail to mention. There's some pretty good comentary over at LGF and at HotAir.
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