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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Democrats Increase Election Streak
by Cordeiro
Well, dear reader, the results are in from the special election to fill the vacancy in California's 50th Congressional District.

This is the same district which was vacated by the disgraced, bribe taking, yacht living Duke Cunningham. He's now living as a guest of the Federal Government for the next eight years.

This district represented the best chance for the Congressional Jackasses to start the 2006 election cycle with a bang. Cunningham now wears an orange jumpsuit. W's poll numbers are in the toilet. California is a solidly blue state even though CA-50 has been solidly republican for most of recent history.

So the Congressional Jackasses coupled with the MSM punditry had all but declared local school board member Francine Busby the victor over republican Brian Bilbray. Then the votes were counted.

When the dust had settled, Busby came up short by 4,968 votes. To make this understandable for election re-count weary democrats, it means she lost.

Busby didn't help her case, or her cause, much by her open-mike appeal for illegal alien votes. That said, I don't believe that was the margin of victory for Bilbray.

This election was won, and lost, on the merits of the candidates and the ideas they stood behind. Congressional Jackasses are perennially short in that column, thus their every growing losing streak in elections.
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In the words of Michael Medved, "Democrats love to lose, because it makes them feel virtuous."

Good Breakdown
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