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Friday, June 02, 2006
by Cordeiro
I have intentionally avoided writing anything about the events which took place in Haditha last November specifically because so little actual and verifiable information exists about the day in question.

Having said that, I wish I could say the same thing about the MSM, Congressman John Murtha, and the left side of the political spectrum. In their collective haste to trumpet less than flattering war news from every rooftop, they have begun to use the tried and true phrases such as "massacre", "slaughter", and "senseless killing of innocents".

The actions of the Marines involved in the events of that November, though undertaken in the heat of battle obscured by the fog of war, will be analyzed and dissected in the relative calm of a military courtroom under the rules of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Marines will sit in judgment of Marines. The innocent will be vindicated, the guilty will be punished.

This will not stop the three ring MSM circus which will no doubt seek to paint the entire military as a roving band of lawless thugs intent on committing senseless murder at every opportunity. This isn't the first time the MSM has had this opportunity. Abu Grahib was getting a little stale.

Before you go condemning the actions of the Marines that morning, may I suggest you take some time to read an account of someone who was actually present that morning. Michelle has the transcript of an interview with Lance Corporal James Crossan. He was riding in a Humvee next to Lance Corporal Miguel Terrazas. You won't read an interview with Miguel Terrazas because his body was cut in half by the IED that started this whole saga.

Were the actions taken by the Marines that morning consistent with the established Rules of Engagement? I don't know. Were innocent people killed as a result? Quite possibly. Is that a tragedy? Most definitely.

What I will say in regards to Haditha is this: Given the choice between believing the MSM interpretations of third hand accounts, John Murtha's pathetic baseless accusations, or the testimony of Marines who were actually there, I'll take the Marines.

For the record, if John Murtha came to me and swore the sky was blue, I would have to go outside and verify it for myself. That ex-Marine and current spotlight seeking Congressman has shamed the uniform he wore and brought dishonor to the Corps. Note, there is a difference between a former Marine and an ex-Marine. Just ask one.

War is hell. Terrible things happen to innocent people just because they're in the wrong place at a very wrong time. You may curse the Marines for their reaction to an IED, but until you've had one of your buddies cut in two before your eyes, I'd be very careful with your condemnations.

Here endeth the lesson.
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