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Monday, June 19, 2006
Manic Monday Quick Hits
by Cordeiro
First I'll start with the low lights:

Connie Chung "Sings"

I don't know about you, but I personally was unaware Connie Chung and Maury Povich had a dog and pony show on MSNBC. If you didn't know this, don't be ashamed. Evidently, most of the country was unaware of the show - just as most of the country is unaware of the all news cable channel MSNBC.

Well, Connie and Maury's show was recently cancelled by MSNBC. In her farewell show, Connie attempted to sing a parody of "Thanks for the Memories". It was not a valiant attempt. What came forth from her mouth imitating song has caused Bob Hope to spin in his grave at a velocity which may just allow Los Angeles Department of Water and Power to use him as a power source.

For those of you with strong ears, the video can be seen here. And you thought the American Idol auditions were painful.

T-Shirt Fundraiser for Screech

File this under fundraising schemes that die a horrible death. Memo to Dustin Diamond: Its called a job. Get one.

The Nation Contracts Bush Derangement Syndrome

Not the United States as a nation, just the Nation as a publication.

Amy Goodman somehow manages to get herself published. The Nation, for some reason I have yet to understand, used valuable space and bandwidth to give this woman a soap box from which to spew something resembling a thinly veiled cheap shot at the W Administration.

The MSM, corporate war profiteers if you ask Ms. Goodman, do little else besides parrot the "lies" put forth by the W spin machine. Her best evidence for this claim? This action by MSNBC, NBC and CNN (don't forget the evil incarnate FOX:

...called their coverage Operation Iraqi Freedom. We expect the Pentagon to research the most effective propagandistic name to call its operation. But the media's adoption of Pentagon nomenclature raises the question: If this were state media, how would it be any different?
I'm sure Ms. Goodman would've rather given her own name to Operation Iraqi Freedom. Tell me, Ms. Goodman, was the media's use of War Department nomeclature in World War II akin to having a state run media?

Don't get her started on the practice of embedding journalists with the military. She would much rather see reports from journalists embedded in Iraqi hospitals or with "the peace movement around the world." She stopped short of asking for journalists to be embedded with the terrorists. Probably because that's already happened.

Memo to Ms. Goodman: Please reference my memo to Mr. Diamond above.

Jason Leopold Plays Secret Agent

Its been 37 days since Jason Leopold announced Karl "Sith Lord" Rove would be indicted by the Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. For those of you living under a rock on Mars, Rove has been informed by Fitzgerald that no indictment is forthcoming.

Still no retraction from Truthout.org. Mark Ash, Executive Director of Truthout, issued the following statement (HT - Wuzzadem):

Brief note to our regulars:

One negative consequence of the Rove indictment firestorm has been that so much of what we cover that is so important to the community has been pushed into the background. There's a war going on, the right to vote is in doubt, democracy itself is under attack. Let's work together to keep our focus.

Leopold's name no longer graces the front page of the site, but his last report on the Rove issue is still alive and well. I guess De Nial really is just a river in Egypt.

Joe Lauria, freelance writer for the Boston Globe, the Sunday Times of London and other publications, had the misfortune of running across Leopold as the Rove story unfolded. As he explains in yesterday's Washington Post, even coming within electronic earshot of Leopold is a dangerous journalistic act.

Short story is, Leopold impersonated Lauria in an attempt to wring information out of both sides of the Rove case.

If Leopold himself hadn't gone to such measures as to leave an obscene comment on my blog, I might actually feel sorry for the guy. Hard as I try, I can't.

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