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Monday, July 31, 2006
Cease Fire? Yeah, Right.
by Cordeiro
Over the past few weeks Israel's two front battle against terrorists in Gaza and Lebanon has garnered scorn from around the world. Nations whose security is not threatened by incoming mortars and guided missiles are calling on Israel to cease hostilities using the time worn and ineffective vehicle of the "Cease Fire".

Cease Fire is diplomatic double speak for telling Israel to stop shooting back at the Islamofacist Murdering Thugs who are currently taking pot shots at Israeli cities while hiding behind children and Kofi Annan's skirts.

The elitist snobs covering for the Islamofacist Murdering Thug Caucus call for a negotiated settlement. Well, here are some quotes from the people Israel would have to "negotiate" with for such a settlement:

The Koran uses terms that are closer to animals than to humans only with regard to those people. Look at the bestiality they demonstrate in the destruction of the Arab, Lebanese and Palestinian people. This is why people who were given the Torah were likened to donkey carrying books. They were also likened to apes and pigs, and they are, indeed, the descendents of apes and pigs, as the Koran teaches us. - Muhammad Abd Al-Sattar, Syrian Deputy Minister of Religious Endowment

There's an open mind for you.

Chris at Day By Day sums it up nicely with this cartoon:

Israel has already tried the diplomatic negotiated cease fire method. All that resulted from that course of action was more terrorism. Hezbollah and Hamas cannot be reasoned with. They are not interested in living in peace. If they are, as current actions suggest, unwilling and therefore unable to join the civilized world, they must be destroyed and deprived of the ability to make war.

Here endeth the lesson.
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