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Friday, July 14, 2006
Friday Quick Hits
by Cordeiro
Karl Rove Runs The New York Times

RealClearPolitics.com's Bill Smith pens an alleged "satire" piece claiming that Karl "Sith Lord" Rove has secretly run the New York Times news and editorial operations for nearly four years.

Tony Snow denies this claim in rare Tony form:

Karl Rove has a whole planet to run. He doesn't have the time or inclination to run a parochial newspaper with a declining stock price and diminishing readership.
More truth is seldom spoken about the Old Gray Lady.

Israel to Hezbollah - "No Deal"

Eloquently illustrated by Cox & Forkum - as usual.

Katie Couric Not Ready For The Bloglight?

Katie Couric is on a national tour before she gets strapped into the CBS anchor chair recently vacated by Dan Rather. Most anybody can show up, unless you happen to have a blog. So much for "Katie - Unfiltered".

And finally, Wilson/Plame Try To Extend 15 Minutes

No evidence? No indictment? No Problem. Clueless Joe Wilson and his super-secret wife Valerie Plame have filed suit in US District Court against "Big Time" Cheney, "Scooter" Libby, and of course, "Sith Lord" Rove.

I guess this un-power couple takes legal advice and strategy from Jason Leopold.
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