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Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Jason Leopold In Free Fall
by Cordeiro
Unfazed by the fact most everyone who pays attention to current events knows Jason Leopold is a stranger to reality, Leopold has again appeared in the Blogosphere. To his credit, he avoids his normal Rove inspired rants and takes aim at the W Administration's policy of informing the public about possible terrorist attacks on the United States.

Leopold's wisdom includes this gem:

Don't buy it. The latest threats aren't real. The data doesn't lie.
For the record, Jason Leopold wouldn't know factual data if it came up and smacked him in the head with a 2x4.

You'll notice Leopold's latest rant is dated July 10, 2006. As Leopold is an avid reader of this blog, I'll take it upon myself to advise him of the latest terrorist attack on July 11, 2006. Read about Mumbai. Better yet, take a look.

Does terrorism influence public opinion and therefore elections?

Damn straight it does. The political left would like to bury their collective heads in the sand and pretend terrorism doesn't exist. This strategy worked well during the Clinton (Sorry Excuse For) Administration. The fact remains, however, that a strategy of "punt" can only work for so long. Keep giving your opponent the ball and eventually he'll score.

Perhaps Leopold should ask himself why terror warnings work against people with his ideology. It could be the fact the political left has no viable strategy for dealing with terrorism in general and terrorists specifically. Terrorism is real. Leopold has trouble dealing with reality.

Mumbai is yet another wake up call. If I may be so bold as to quote a one sentence teaser advertisement heard on Los Angeles radio station KFI in the aftermath of September 11th,

It could have just as easily happened here.
Chew on that for awhile, Jason. You decry terrorism warnings one day before more bombs go off. Timing, Jason. Timing.

Here endeth the lesson.
3 Comment(s):
Leopold rules! He has the courage to tell it like it is. Sons of the Republic should be shot

If I thought for a moment you could follow through on your violent threat, I might possibly be concerned.

Living in reality, however, I'm more concerned you might injure yourself in the attempt.
Just to poke fun at your poorly-literate pseudo-would-be-arch-nemesis, Cordiero, may I quote him for a moment merely to mock him.

"The data doesn't lie."

Singular: datum
Plural: data

So to assist this wannabe, let's point out that : The data DON'T lie.

You could, in fairness, assume he's an idiot Trekkie (apologies to Trek fans out there who aren't idiots) who is instead citing Brent Spiner's mildly-jaundiced alter ego. However, it would then be 'Data doesn't lie. But he can repolarize a subspace quantum gravitonic teramatrix in under 4.3 nanoseconds.'

Oh, and since I'm in a grammar-fiend mode, chew on this one.

Singular: octopus
Plural: octopuses

It's true! Long live the republic, and the octopuses which have very little to do with it.
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