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Friday, July 21, 2006
These Are The People In Israel’s Neighborhood
by Cordeiro
For the majority of the people in the world, especially those Americans who have trouble finding North Dakota on the map, the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel is sometimes difficult to understand. Sometimes it helps to try and put a more local face on an issue in order that more people might understand the issues involved.

Just for fun, I’m going to attempt this strategery here.

Lebanon and Israel are geographical neighbors, much like the United States and Mexico. Sometimes neighbors get along, sometimes they don’t. If the conflict between Hezbollah – a terrorist organization which pretty much has free reign in Lebanon – and Israel were to happen between the United States and Mexico here’s what you’d have.

Agents of La Raza (a group which supports the idea that most of the southwest United States should be given back to Mexico) would come across the border in Nogales and kidnap two or more US soldiers – those currently supporting border enforcement operations along the southern border – and take them across the Mexican border. They would then demand release of several thousand Mexican nationals who are currently guests of the border states’ correctional facilities.

Then, just for fun, they’d lob missiles into US cities along the southern border – targeting not military targets, but civilian population centers. The United States, not fond of having its soldiers kidnapped by foreign terrorists, and after attempting civilized means of securing their release, would then launch a military operation into Mexico.

Much destruction would result by this action. The world press would decry the death and destruction and chastise the United States for its “disproportionate’ response. The United States would assert it was defending itself against an act of war perpetrated by a foreign terrorist organization using Mexican soil as a base of operations. In short, the bleeding hearts would be told to pound sand.

Lets get one issue straight here. Hezbollah is bunch of Isalmofacist Murdering Thugs who use Lebanon as a base of operations from which to attack Israel. For years they’ve been doing their level best to push the Israelis into the sea – banking upon the idea that civilized western nations don’t attack terrorists who launch rockets from civilian population centers.

To put it in a blunt analogy, they’ve been poking a tiger in the ass with a sharp stick. Last week that tiger turned around and started to eat the guys with the stick.

The criticism of Israel has been swift and fierce. Restraint is urged. Proportionality is called for – whatever the hell that is.

If this were to happen in the United States, calls like this would not be tolerated. The terrorists who had kidnapped US soldiers would be blasted into chunks too small to be identified.

Why then is it expected that Israel will not react in kind to this continual aggression from Hezbollah?

Oh yeah, Israel is a Jewish state. That means anyone can attack them and expect that they’ll just sit back and take it over and over and over.

If that statement makes sense to you, then you are truly an intellectual cul-de-sac.

Israel is a sovereign nation with a right to exist and defend herself despite claims to the contrary by world luminaries such as Iran, Syria, Kofi Annan, and Hezbollah. Attempts have been made to push her into the sea and thus far every attempt has ended in a bloody failure on the part of the aggressors. You won’t find Egypt in this fight, nor any other Arab nation with any sense. They’ve gone down that valley once already.

Terrorism, specifically the Islamic flavor, must be opposed. Opposing terrorism is a lonely endeavor, which is probably why you see only one nation at Israel’s side during this latest violent episode. Hezbollah cannot be negotiated with. It must be destroyed by any and all means necessary.

That’s life in Israel’s neighborhood.

Here endeth the lesson.
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