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Wednesday, August 16, 2006
Jesse To The Rescue
by Cordeiro
It was going to happen eventually.

The world media can only focus on so much. There is, after all, a limited supply of front page space, lead story time, and internet bandwidth. With the attention of the world focused on the strife and turmoil in the Middle East, Jesse Jackson was beginning to feel left out.

After all, its been at least a week since he was on television for any reason. To Jesse, that must feel like an eternity.

So, in order to get himself back on the world stage, he has decided to inject himself into the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict.

Will he pick up a rifle and stand a post on either side of the battle? Nope. Will he fire Katusha rockets at Israel, or drive a tank against the Hezbollah terrorists? Not a chance.

Jesse's here to negotiate the release of prisoners on both sides. He has traveled to Washington to meet with ambassadors from Israel and Syrian. Talking with Syria is evidently the equivalent of talking to Hezbollah.

ABC's Barry Schweid declares Jesse to be "an experienced go-between" having secured the release of Americans from Syria, Cuba, Iraq and Yugoslavia. What Mr. Scweid doesn't mention is the fact that Jesse did little more than place himself in a situation where he caught a ride home on the same plane as did the former hostages.

Jesse is not a diplomat. He is not a negotiator. He does not represent the United States nor does he hold any chips with which to bargain. Jesse is a publicity hound interested in little more than getting his mug before as many cameras as possible. In this particular case his command of the facts surrounding the issues could not be weaker. When asked about his conversation with Syrian Ambassador Iyad Moustapha, Jesse stated:

I asked him to make an appeal to his president, Bashar Assad, on a humanitarian basis to appeal to whoever is appropriate, maybe Hezbollah, to seek the whereabouts and grant the release of the two Israeli soldiers.
Maybe Hezbollah? Maybe Hezbollah? Who in the hell do you think took the soldiers, Jesse? Peter Pan?

If I'm an Israeli soldier being held by Islamofacist Murdering Thugs and I somehow learn Jesse Jackson is attempting to secure my release, I believe I'd ask for a cigarette and a blindfold that very minute.

Here endeth the lesson.
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