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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Kerry To Bolten - Pull A Chamberlain With North Korea
by Cordeiro
Some lessons are hard to learn. Sometimes, despite repeated "learnings", people repeat the same mistakes, over and over and over.

Just for your reference, the definition of insanity is the process of doing the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result.

John F. "Lurch" Kerry, the Junior Senator from Massachusetts, presidential loser, and (just in case you forgot) Vietnam Veteran is the best example of someone who has yet to learn the lesson that you just can't simply invent facts or re-write history and expect people to buy your assertions based solely on your good looks.

Lurch likes to play the intellectual card. He attempts to make everyone believe he's the smartest person in the room. At this attempt he fails miserably. The man is an intellectual cul-de-sac who wouldn't even be the smartest guy in a phone booth.

Well, a few days ago, John "The Moustache" Bolton came before the Senate Foreign Relations committee during his confirmation process. The Moustache is not famous for holding his tongue, and considering he has to work with the morons at Turtle Bay this is a very good thing. Lurch's turn to grill The Moustache came, and it was comical.

Ian has the video. B4B has the basic transcript. Here's the best exchange:

LURCH: Why not engage in a bilateral one and get the job done? That's what the Clinton administration did.

THE MOUSTACHE: Very poorly, since the North Koreans violated the agreed framework almost from the time it was signed.
As you can see, Lurch wants to return to a Neville Chamberlain strategy so we can enjoy more photo ops like this one:

Yes, Lurch, you've stepped in it again. Kim Jong "Mentally" Il made an agreement with the United States which didn't even hold water long enough for Albright's jet to leave North Korean airspace.

The Clinton (Sorry Excuse For)Administration had a four letter word foreign policy - PUNT. Cobble something together long enough to get headlines and good photo-ops. Leave the actual problems for some other administration to take care of. A PUNT policy doesn't get the job done for long.

Lurch wants to return to the days of the PUNT policy. That's his idea of effective foreign diplomacy.

And yet he wonders why he lives in Beacon Hill and not on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Here endeth the lesson.
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