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Friday, August 18, 2006
Ray Nagin And Your Money
by Cordeiro
America's most incompetent mayor, the infamous Ray "Brother, Can You Spare A Bus?", fresh off his re-election victory, has decided he doesn't like the way reconstruction money is being allocated to his city.

He used the National Association of Black Journalists Convention to make his views known. He went so far as to declare that Hurricane Katrina "exposed the soft underbelly of America as it relates to dealing with race and class." He further declared:

And I, to this day, believe that if that would have happened in Orange County, California, if that would have happened in South Beach, Miami, it would have been a different response," the mayor said.
Memo to Ray: This tripe is old, Ray. Your city has received a ton of US taxpayer money. You and the City of New Orleans are not entitled to that money, Ray. Its a gift of the American Taxpayer. You, sir, are the racist, not the people cutting the check to rebuild your city.

Ray also complained that most of the money had gone not to the city, but to developers and contractors. He evidently doesn't get the fact developers and contractors actually do something with the money other than squander and embezzle it. Why he believes funds should be given to the very city bureaucrats responsible for the conditions exacerbated by Katrina is beyond me. Then he complained about the fact the people giving the money are actually dictating how it should be used.

Hey, Ray. This isn't your money. It comes from guys like me who are growing a little bit weary of hearing you feel like you're entitled to it. Your continued one note samba of racism isn't going to play anymore. Grow up, and do the job New Orleans (for reasons nobody can quite understand) hired you to do.

Here endeth the lesson
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