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Wednesday, August 30, 2006
The Rocky Protest Show
by Cordeiro
Having evidently not read my August 2005 post on the subject of How Not To Receive A President When You're Mayor, the less than honorable Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson will today attempt to out do his performance of last year.

He invited Cindy Sheehan to add gravitas to his effort, but she was forced to decline for health reasons. While I wish her a speedy recovery, I'm kind of sorry she missed the show. The sound bytes would have been priceless.

I enjoy Salt Lake City. Its one of the many places I can claim as a home town. The people there are good, honest, hardworking folk. They are entitled to have their elected mayor represent them in a fashion which brings honor and dignity to their city.

Rocky Anderson is so far off that course he's halfway to Singapore.

The people of Salt Lake City and in a larger sense, the people of Utah overwhelmingly voted for W. Rocky doesn't care. He can't get past his Moveon.org driven, Daily Kos fed, visceral hatred of W and all things Republican to do his job as mayor and receive the President of the United States with the honor deserved by the office if not the man.

Memo the Daily Kos' Al Rodgers: 2,000 people is not a large crowd. You can find 2,000 University of Utah students wandering aimlessly at any given time. Your definition of "All Hell Breaking Loose In Utah" is so ludicrous I'm going to assume you think scattered showers will cause torrential floods. I rarely read Kos. This entry shows why.

All Rocky can do is go drum up 2,000 rent-a-mob protestors to rage against the Commander-In-Chief as he addresses the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

I don't know much about Utah's lone democratic congressman, Jim Matheson, but you won't find him at Rocky's side screaming himself blue. He could be there - his district does in fact contain much of downtown Salt Lake City. Where will Congressman Matheson be? Greeting the President of the United States with respect even though he's from a different party and political ideology.

That difference, dear reader, is why Rocky Anderson's political career will never rise about that of a second tier pot hole filler in downtown Salt Lake City.

Here endeth the lesson.
4 Comment(s):
Yes, and Rocky... your two seconds are over.
There were 4 to 5 thousand, not 2000.
Read a paper. Or just continue your direct transmission with Satan. Whatever floats your boat.
Yeah, but how many of those were not staff members of the SL Trib?

If Rocky could gather a few thousand people who actually shower, shave and deodorize, I might be more inclined to take him seriously.

Then again, probably not.
If you actually read the post, I did reference a source for my crowd number. Granted it was from the Salt Lake Tribune, but nobody's perfect.

Your 4-5 thousand figure comes from where exactly? Imagination? Fabrication? A bodily orifice? All of the above, most likely.
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