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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Win for the Wackadoo Wing
by Bonjo
Michael Goodwin of the NY Daily Press summarizes the Connecticut election results and the Democratic ousting of Joe Lieberman:

So now that the wackadoo wing of the party has a bloody scalp, what are they going to do with it? Wave it at Islamic terrorists in Iraq and Lebanon and Afghanistan and Indonesia and Great Britain and Spain and Israel and New York and declare peace? That will work for sure. They better also wear armor and duck...

Lieberman is the first casualty of the war against the war on terror. If last night's results are a window on the party's tilt, then a huge slice of the Democratic party is ready to sit out the war to protect America. God help us if the Republicans also get the wobblies...

Iraq, in all its hellishness, is important, even vital to regional stability and American security. Unplug America's commitment there, which is what the Lamont crowd is about, and how exactly does that help us? Will the terrorists suddenly stop attacking us and our allies?
It's an excellent summary of the war against the war on terror. Goodwin is right: "If we think we can win by not fighting, then we're not just wrong. We're nuts."

I now return to my adventures in capitalism.
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I can not figure out how babysitting the Iraqis while they have a civil war helps us fight the war on terrorism.
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