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Friday, August 11, 2006
Yes, America, We're Still At War
by Cordeiro
One month from today will mark the 5th anniversary of the day when the war against Islamic Fascism came to America's shores. Much of the world's memories of that day have faded. People have moved on, the globe has continued spinning its way around the sun.

There are even those who have begun to allow themselves to believe what happened during the early morning hours of that Tuesday in September 2001 was an isolated event. There is no threat anymore, they say. Let us return to the somewhat care free days when more attention was paid to Hollywood wardrobes than to screaming Islamic terrorists half a world away.

In short, they prefer the view from below the sand.

Then yesterday came the unwelcome reminder. The Islamofacist Murdering Thugs still want to kill us. Here. Well, between here and London, but you get the point.

Their target date was August 16. There are 24 suspects in all, all of which are now in British custody.

Their mission, as far as anybody without at TS/SCI clearance knows, was to blow up American, United, and Continental Airlines jets flying between the UK and the United States. So far, it looks like the plot was disrupted.

Now, ask yourself one question - how was this plot to commit mass murder discovered and thwarted?

Well, first chatter was intercepted by the US and shared with the Brits. Some of the suspects had evidently made phone calls to people in the United States. Does anyone want to debate the wiretapping issue now? Anyone? Bueller?

The British domestic security agency MI5 tailed the group of Muslim men in London and other parts of the UK for well over a year. They listened to their meetings. They monitored their spending. No doubt some lawyers will find this monitoring to be "troubling".

And finally, though no doubt more details will be forthcoming, two British Muslims were arrested in Pakistan about two weeks ago. Something caused them to spill the beans about the impending plot. Somehow I doubt the impetus involved tea and crumpets.

So yes, America, we're still at war. We're at war, as W so eloquently put it, with Islamic Fascism. These remarks were met, unsurprisingly, with condemnation from the Council for American Islamic Relations.

Memo to CAIR: If the shoe fits, wear it. Do something about the fact the men plotting this mayhem did so within the walls of a London mosque. Until you as an organization take action against those of your followers who seek to rain death upon this nation, be prepared to deal with the consequences of their actions. End of memo.

Wars are won by defeating the enemy in such a way that he is no longer able nor willing to wage the war he started. Islamic Fascism must be defeated, destroyed, and decapitated where ever it may be found. Whether in Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other front, those who fight with or support the Islamofacist Murdering Thugs must be confronted and defeated - in every way possible.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Just read comments left on blogs all over the internet. There are many in the it was Bush mode and ramping up.
I can not figure out how babysitting the Iraqis while they have a civil war helps us fight the war on terrorism.
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