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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
A Clash For Civilization
by Cordeiro
Yesterday was a difficult day for me, as I’m sure it was for most Americans with a pulse and the ability to feel. I was proud to have been able to honor Laura Rockefeller here as a part of the 2,996 project headed up by DC Roe. I understand he got so much traffic to that site yesterday his hosting server fried. Laura was # 1,158 on the list and I didn’t see much traffic to her memorial post. I’ve thus decided to permalink it on the SOTR sidebar. It’ll stay there until I feel like taking it down which means it’ll be up there for a very long time.

I did manage to watch most of The Path To 9/11. I’m not going to write a review. Some parts were good. Some parts were bad. All of it was painful to watch. People will remember 9/11 the way they want to. What’s important is that the events of that Tuesday morning in September – and more importantly the people – are remembered.

W came on last night and delivered what I believe to be a very good speech. He reminded us that we are, in fact, at war. Some have declared the Global War On Terror to be a clash of civilizations. Last night, W defined the war in better descriptive terms as a struggle for civilization.

That description pretty much sums up the differences over which this war is waged. Radical Islam seeks to tear down the western world and replace it with a religion, ideology, and concepts which have been fossilized since the late 4th century. The Islamofacists do not seek a peaceful co-existence and an enlightened sharing of ideas with the outside world. They seek, through murder and mayhem, to turn the clock back to a time more suitable for their extremist beliefs and lifestyles. That, dear reader, is the bottom line.

In war, as in life, there are winners and losers. Nobody likes war – especially those who have to wage it. Everybody wants this latest war to be over. Despite what you may read in the Bush Derangement Syndrome Fever Swamp commonly known as the Leftist Blogosphere and to a slightly lesser extent (though not by much) the Main Stream Media, W wants this war over as much as you do. Said W:

We face an enemy determined to bring death and suffering into our homes. America did not ask for this war, and every American wishes it were over. So do I. But the war is not over -- and it will not be over until either we or the extremists emerge victorious. (Emphasis Added)
Are we winning this war? Yes. Victory, however, is not a guarantee. In order to win this war we must let the people fighting it do their jobs in the consummate professional manner of which they are quite capable.

There are those who believe we are not, cannot, and will not win this war. One of these people is Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen. Mr. Cohen is an intellectual cul-de-sac whose tinny, out of tune, one note samba has about been played to death. In his Bizarro World, Binny Laden has already won. Cohen’s logic, if you can call it that, is fatally flawed and his reasoning makes sense only to him and possibly the Bush Derangement Syndrome infected Daily Kos readers. Cohen isn’t interested in winning. He just wants the French to invite him to their chateau’s for lunch. These are serious times. Cohen is obviously not a serious man.

There is an ongoing debate, especially this time of year, as to whether or not we as a nation are safer today than we were five years ago. Safety, from a purely definitional standpoint, implies avoiding accidental harm. The actions of Binny Laden’s 19 thugs five years ago was no accident. It was a declaration of an already started war on American and all she stands for.

I’m not worried about being safe. I’m worried about winning the war.

Here endeth the lesson.
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What a fool, I first thought when reading the above. Ad hominem attacks on Mr. Cohen, refusal to see the most basic realities of the Afganistan fiasco (the breaker of empires through history), the clear success of Bin Ladin's strategy which was and is being more than doubled by the plunge into Iraq, etc.

But then, it was my first and last time to this site, and the Israeli flag counterpoised with our banner tells the tale. I just wish that more Jews devoted to Israel could see that the whole path of the last fifty years, domination by savage force with mass killings as routine, exemption from the most basic aspects of international law, continued and successful duping of the ill-informed American electorate, have not and will never make Israel secure, and have clearly threatened it's future. The writ of history, after all, runs a long time. Shouldn't they know that as well or better than anyone?
Thank you, Anon, for proving my point about the Bush Derangement Syndrome Fever Swamp.

The writ of history, as you so eloquently stated, is long. You and Mr. Cohen are on the wrong side of it.
Huh? Cohen's column was definitely about winning the war. The war on terrorism isn't fought just with tanks - it's fought with ideas, hearts and minds. To win on the battlefield requires firepower, which we have. To win in the minds of the people, we carry out what we do in a thoroughly respectable fashion, and let our enemy be the savages that everyone hates. Pretty simple, right? But, when we get caught torturing people, killing the wrong people, and so forth, this costs our country a huge defeat in our battle for hearts and minds. Until we get that right, we might be losing the war simply by losing the respect of those who should be our allies. It doesn't defy logic; it's a pretty straightforward argument.
And don't think that everyone who disagrees with you also disagrees with your cause. We are all in this together. We are all dedicated to winning this war. If Richard Cohen didn't care about his country he would write about something else, would he not? He disagrees with you on some issues, and that's his right. After all, it's a free country. Let's keep it that way.

Your fellow American,
Read the tribute to Laura yesterday, but didn't comment, because I was trying to read as many of the 2996 as I had time for (several hundred). I was deeply moved by each tribute, as well as the unity and love from each of the over 3000 bloggers, especially the 4 and 6 year old guys, Ben and Noah, who paid tribute to Mr. Marino. Thank you very much for the tribute you wrote to Laura. It was a teary day, for sure.
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