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Friday, September 15, 2006
Don't Blame the Pope for Doing His Job
by Bonjo

Pope Benedict XVI has a job to do: lead the nearly innumerable members of the Catholic faith. His is not an enviable position.

The Pope calls for peace. He calls for understanding. And he does not waffle when it comes to calling good good and evil evil. The Pope correctly believes that violence in the name of religion is evil.

So his comment this week should not come as a surprise to anyone. In the words of Angela Merkel, Benedict XVI was seeking "a decisive and uncompromising rejection of all use of violence in the name of religion."

And how do "peaceful" Muslims respond to the media's sound bites--which give the notion that Islam is a religion prone to violence? By:I close with a quote from the Former Archbishop of Canterbury:

Muslims as well as Christians must learn to enter into dialogue without crying 'foul'.

We live in perilous times and we must not only separate religion from violence but also not give religious legitimacy to violence in any shape or form.
To which I say: Amen.
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