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Friday, September 22, 2006
Friday Roundup
by Cordeiro
My travels this week have left little time for blogging, therefore I'll sum up what I would've written here.

A Liberal Sees The Light - Partially

If I had seen Sam Harris' book on the shelf, I would've most likely passed it without a second glance. His Op-Ed in Monday's Los Angeles Times might just give me a reason to check out his upcoming book. Today I'll give him the "Read The Whole Thing" award right of the bat if for no other reason than this quote:

On questions of national security, I am now as wary of my fellow liberals as I am of the religious demagogues on the Christian right.

This may seem like frank acquiescence to the charge that "liberals are soft on terrorism." It is, and they are.
Harris' liberal bona-fides are beyond reproach. Like I said, read the whole thing.

Blackfive Eats Shoe Leather

Matt, buddy, next time you travel bring valium.

Harkin Batting Cleanup For Chavez

Venezuelan Head Thug Hugo Chavez took some shots at W that even upset most of the Congressional Jackasses. His comments were denounced by "Bella" Pelosi, and Charlie Rangel. Evidently these two thought Chavez was poaching on their turf. I don't much care what prompted them to chastise Chavez for his ill-educated display of a lack of manners and tact. I'll give kudos where they are deserved.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin evidently didn't get the memo. He beat a path to the nearest microphone and defended the right of a left winged thug from Venezuela to come to Manhattan and take cheap shots at the President of the United States. Said Harkin:

Let me put it this way, I can understand the frustration, ah, and the anger of certain people around the world because of George Bush's policies.
Audio is here.

Somebody needs to check Harkin's campaign donation records for evidence of money funneled to him from Citgo.

Muslim Rage-ometer

And finally, via Wuzzadem, I bring you the Muslim Rage-ometer. Seems that anything from a Danish cartoon series to a Papal citation of a medieval emperor's diary can fan Muslim rage. Evidently Islam is so easily insulted and offended that the Muslim populations spend most of their time in riotous protests. What are they protesting? Depends on their current rage level.

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