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Monday, September 25, 2006
Hear Bubba Whine
by Cordeiro

I'm usually not much into the Sunday Morning talk shows where self-centered politicians parade before the MSM review stand hoping to say something that might get them a mention in the Monday morning papers. Usually I have more important things to do - chasing my two kids around the house takes up most of my Sunday mornings.

I did, however manage to catch most of Bill Clinton's tirade on Fox News Sunday. The phrase "Methinks Bubba doth protest far too much" doesn't even begin to describe the rant Bubba put forth. The Drudge headline "Purple Faced Rage" was clearly appropriate.

Bill Clinton clearly suffers from a bad corrupted virtual memory. He wants to believe he did all he could to kill or capture Binny Laden when all evidence indicates contradictory facts. War was being waged on American and her interests almost from the very moment Clinton assumed the mantle of the Presidency. Instead of choosing to wage actual war against Binny Laden and his merry band of Islamofacist Thugs, Clinton chose to treat terrorism as a law-enforcement issue.

He chose poorly.

Clinton is clearly concerned about the legacy of his (Sorry Excuse For) Administration. He would have the American people remember the economic boom and the "peace" brought on by the end of the Cold War. He would have us long for a return the days of playing Soak The Rich and Hide The Intern. Perhaps Bill can live in a hermetically sealed world surrounded by cronies who share his Virtual Memories. The rest of us, however, have to live in reality.

I have previously summed up The Clinton (Sorry Excuse For) Administration's foreign policy is a simple four letter word. PUNT. They did just enough foreign policy work to win a short photo-op and push the issue down the field for someone else to deal with. The problem with this policy is the ball never makes it as far down the field as you would want it to go. Eventually somebody has to deal with real issues. Clinton managed to punt the terrorism issue just far enough to outlive his presidency by about eight-months.

Bill and Company can attempt to obfuscate and obscure the issues surrounding his failure to effectively deal with terrorism and his refusal to apprehend Binny Laden on at least three separate occasions. The problem is, they no longer control the media. Chris Wallace threw some hard fastballs at Clinton - a man obviously used to softball practice served up by his cronies. His purple faced rage betrayed the anger of a man who knew the questions were getting a little too close to something he doesn't want to face.


Here endeth the lesson.
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