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Monday, September 11, 2006
Remembering Laura Rockefeller
by Cordeiro

New York City is often referred as the City That Never Sleeps. Everyone seems to have two or three lives they are living while most of the rest of us struggle to keep up with the one we have.

Laura Rockefeller was the consummate New Yorker.

By day she worked for Risk Waters Group as a USA Freelance Delegate Coordinator. She hosted activities for Risk Waters all over New York City. On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, she was in the famous Windows On The World Restaurant, located on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

What she did by day was not what she loved to do. Her life’s passion was found on the stage – or rather behind it.

New York City is home to one of the world’s largest theater districts. The Great White Way is the place where performers, producers, stage hands, and other people who make the crowds cheer night after night come to make their mark. All try. Some succeed. Some fail.

Laura wasn’t to be found in the spotlight taking bows twice a night. She managed the Jewish Repertory Theater. For every man or woman who basks in the glow of the theater lights, there are countless people working behind, under, and over the stage to make the production happen. Linda was one of those people. Having done a little bit of back stage work in a previous life, I understand a little of what she did. She made the stars shine a little brighter than they would if she wasn’t working her magic behind the curtains.

She funded her drama activities with her day job. That to me shows how much passion and devotion she had to the theater.

Laura was one of the 2,996 people lost to this country on that Tuesday morning in September. She had friends, family, co-workers, and fellow theater buffs who knew and loved her for all she did.

The lights of New York’s theaters are a little dimmer without Laura.


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Laura was also a Democrat and a Liberal, as a matter of fact she worked for the Clinton campaign in the 90s and was a strong supporter of Al Gore's presidential bid in 2000. She would be appalled by the way the Bush administration twisted and used 9/11 and her death for there own political purposes. Those of us who knew and loved Laura dearly miss her beautiful smile, her warm and infectious laughter, her kind heart, and and deeply held idealism.

I hope the "sons" have the courage to post the truth about Laura from those who loved her, cherish their memories of her, and miss her to this day
Somehow, dear reader, I find you to be the only one who has politicized Laura's death.

The victims of terrorism on 9/11 were not broken down by age, race, or political affiliation - neither should there memories be remembered that way.
Thank you for allowing me to post a little more of what I know of my friend so that your readers may know more fully the person she truly was, especially in a venue such as yours...
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