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Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Tucker Carlson - Not Quite The Lord Of The Dance
by Cordeiro
Tucker Carlson, the kinda/sorta/not really conservative MSNBC talk show host has decided to stretch his entertainment career just a bit and appear on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.

I've gotta hand it to the guy. I married a very talented dancer and she's spent well over a decade attempting to teach me to dance. Despite her best efforts, I don't dance. It's not pretty. I don't want to discuss it.

I'm afraid Tucker shares my talent for dancing. I'll give him kudos for putting stretching his talents, but that's about it. His first performance was with Elena Grinenko - a professional dancer who wore a bright red outfit that makes the Girl from Ipanema look like a nun in comparison. Newsbusters has the video. See for yourself.

My one encounter with Tucker was a near collision in Times Square during the 2004 RNC in New York. Personally, I hope his ratings improve on MSNBC because I'd hate to see him try and make a living as a dancer.
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