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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
David Corn Gives A Peek In The Closet
by Cordeiro
David Corn wants the world to know about The List. The List contains the names of alleged homosexual GOP congressional staffers. According to Corn, he has a copy of the list but he is so far above the slime filled cesspool he won’t stoop to naming names.

How big of him.

He won’t name names, but he will name job titles and names of Members of Congress and Senators for whom the alleged homosexuals work. Corn, in his low brow wannabe elite prose, asks the derogatory question:

What about those GOPers who are gay and who serve a party that is anti-gay? Are they hypocrites, opportunists, or just confused individuals?
You know, for a pseudo-intellectual journalist who claims to represent the kind and gentle side of the political spectrum, Corn sure knows how to throw a cheap shot on a very sensitive issue. Thanks, Dave. Though you may think yourself above the cesspool level, you might want to check your shoes. Something stinks here, and it’s you.

Here endeth the lesson.
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