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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Look Out! He's Got A...Cartoon!!!
by Cordeiro

Via Cox & Forkum today comes yet another reason why I wonder how anyone in this world takes UN Secretary General Kofi Annan seriously.

Of all the world's problems which could possibly be helped by the United Nation's CEO, Kofi chooses to dwell on the clear and present danger and threat posed by cartoonists the world over. Kofi boldly declared:

Cartoons make us laugh. Without them, our lives would be much sadder. But they are no laughing matter: they have the power to inform, and also to offend. Short of physical pain, few things can hurt you more directly than a caricature of yourself, of a group you belong to, or - perhaps worst - of a person you deeply respect.
Political cartoons have been around since man first learned to put pen to paper. Even a casual student of history would know today's political cartoons - be they Danish, British, American, or even Iranian - are tame compared to what used to grace the pages of newspapers around the world.

Sometimes the cartoonist's goal is to make people laugh. Sometimes that goal is to tell in a single picture what writers cannot convey in a million words. And yes, sometimes the goal of the artist is to offend.

Civilized people react to offense by boycotting advertisers, writing letters to editors and publishers, and generally finding non-violent ways to make their offense known.

Islamofacists, however, are not civilized. They take any excuse - cartoon or otherwise - to take to the streets in a fit of visceral screaming rage. They burn buildings. They burn cars. They behead those who they see as infidels.

Kofi wants to do his level best to assure those of the Islamofacist community that they will never be offended by the infidel west. He wants to cater to them because he's convinced that if we just stop offending them, they'll stop the beheading.

Kofi Annan should resign his post at the UN if for no other reason than he is incapable of living in reality. Coddling people whose idea of protest involves Molotov Cocktails and C-4 vests is nothing short of insane. Such an ideology needs to be defeated, not accommodateded.

Here endeth the lesson.
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