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Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Throw Foley (Not Hastert) Under The Train
by Cordeiro
Let me get one thing out clearly for the record. former Congressman Mark Foley (R-Fl) is a sick, depraved, scum sucking pedophile who richly deserves to be hung from the highest tree until he’s way past dead. It is clear to me, and I would hope everybody else, that he clearly abused his office and used it to stalk minors for his own sexual gratification.

Not content with the hole he’s dug for himself with the Instant Message shovel, he’s now called for the steam shovel to increase his rate of descent. He brought out the well used and thus far very effective “I’m A Lousy Drunk” shield almost immediately after his resignation. Since then he’s raised additional shields, among them being “I’m Gay” and, oh by the way, “I Was Abused By Clergy”. I’m not sure what other excuses Foley or his lawyers can come up with. So far all of them are patently absurd. None of them will shield him from the consequences of his all too public fall.

Politicians and pundits are creatures of habit and opportunity, so it wasn’t long before they began to see what they thought was a chance to paint all Republicans with a broad brush of corruption and pedophile facilitation. The same people who gave a winks and nods to Barney Franks (who’s boyfriend ran a prostitution ring from their shared domicile) have begun to shrilly scream for the Speaker of the House’s head on a charger.

We know what Speaker Hastert knew, and when he knew it. Denny Hastert is an honorable man. More than that, he’s a former High School coach who no doubt knows the impact a sexual predator can have on adolescent children. I have no doubt that had he known the full scope of Foley’s descent, he would have thrown Foley from the Capitol Building after having pinned him to the marble floor in a full Nelson.

Republicans have a bad habit of circling the wagons when faced with scandal, pointing their weapons and firing into the circle. Those who have done so now have seriously over played their hand. Tony Blankley and the Washington Times Editorial Board, along with Maggie Gallagher find themselves on the wrong side of this issue. Jettisoning the entire GOP House Leadership will not accomplish anything but the goals of a rabid left wing agenda. Foley is at fault here. Foley will be dealt with.

For those of you longing to throw Denny Hastert under the train, I’d remind you that the same information he had was given to the St. Petersburg Times, The Miami Herald, ABC News and the FBI. Nobody in any of those organizations found anything substantial enough to follow up on.

If it turns out there was a conspiracy to cover Foley’s actions, I’ll be the first to heave the bodies out the boxcar door. Until then, I want to know who had these IM transcripts and more importantly why they waited until 40 days prior to an election to leak them to Brian Ross’s ABC Blotter. Something about this stinks worse than fermenting clay-pot Kimchi on a hot Seoul summer afternoon.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Why takes chances, throw em BOTH under the train...
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