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Thursday, November 16, 2006
Hillary Dressed Down By General Abizaid
by Cordeiro
Yesterday General John Abizaid, commander of the US Central Command, was in Washington DC to testify before the Senate Armed Services committee. He was grilled by senators from both parties about the situation on the ground in Iraq. Personally, I think it’s a waste of time for a general to be recalled from the field to field questions from a bunch of pompous windbags, but that’s the way our system works.

One of the pompous windbags taking aim at General Abizaid was none other than the current democratic presidential frontrunner, the Junior (in name only) Senator from the State of New York, the (less than) honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton.

I did not see Hillary in action, but thanks to Blogfather Hugh and his podcasting wizard Generalissimo Duane, I did get to hear her take her best shot at Abizaid. Some things you should know about Hillary’s questioning style. She may come across as very powerful when her words are read from a transcript. Her live performance is the complete opposite. Everything she says is read in measured monotones to the point that her questions often put witnesses to sleep before she gets to her point.

Fortunately, General Abizaid was well rested for this exchange which began with Hillary pontificating after this fashion:

Hope is not a strategy. Hortatory talk about what the Iraqi government must do is getting old. ... The brutal fact is it is not happening.
Am I the only one who had to look up “Hortatory”? Hillary always wants to appear to be the smartest person in the room. Much to her surprise, the smartest person in that room was wearing Army green.

If you read the CNN article, you’d think that was where the exchange ended. Same thing with the AP report published by Yahoo. To the best of my knowledge, no MSM source quotes Genreal Abizaid’s reply.

As much as I don’t like to continually point out the obvious bias in the MSM, I have to tell you that’s not where the exchange ended. General Abizaid, to his credit, did not let Hillary’s claim go un-refuted. He had the last word with this statement:
Senator, I agree with you. And I would also say that despair is not a method. And when I come to Washington, I feel despair. When I’m in iraq with my commanders, when I talk to our soldiers, when I talk to the Iraqi leadership, they are not despairing. They believe that they can move their country towards stability with our help, and I believe this.
It is my opinion that the MSM writers and editors purposely excluded General Abizaid’s verbal dress down of Hillary because it made her look bad – very bad actually. Well, as the MSM is so fond of reminding us bloggers, I have no editor, so I’m not going to edit his reply out.

Memo to Hillary: There was a time when your condescending exchange with a decorated general would have been swept under the rug by your willing accomplices in the MSM and nobody would have ever known you got your hindquarters handed to you in open session. That time has passed. Welcome to the brave new world.

Here endeth the lesson.
3 Comment(s):
Yes I agree. Hillary is flat like cardboard. Her delivery is lacking. Her speaches are screaming. A lawyer, yes, a
statesman, NO. It seems she can read from a paper but when it comes to answering in a debate etc she is lacking real time mental ability.
Note to right-wing fanatic who doesn't know Jack about the Arab world (or seem to care that they are human beings unless they can make a white man look good): everybody is losing the Iraq War, Americans included, and Iraqi civilians who now are being slaughtered at a rate FASTER than under Saddam. Hope you choke on that along with your freedom fries. I on the other hand care about the real principles of freedom I learned as a Boy Scout and in Sunday School and will not allow any tyrant - Republican or Democrat - to tell me my freedom is for sale at the cheap price of flag waving propaganda you and so many other seem determined to whore it away for.
Note to naive ignorant Left wing Libral (I thought we were all people why are you name calling, I do it because I don't like you)
For as in tune you are with your personal freedoms, you really have a long way to go. See as patriotic as you claim to be, is also a claim as to how ignorant you are about the words you speak. I'm just going to assume you are voting for Obama, I don't know why I assume that either, lucky I guess. You will be giving up more personal freedoms than you realize because of it, i.e. his tax policies or raise of taxes I should say, and an increased government control on every day life via Universal Health Care just to name a few. But you will all parade behind him naivly until we have put ourselves further in to economic decline globally and domestically. I would also love you to quantify how Iraqi civilians are dying more than they were under Saddams rule. You did put it in CAPS so I assume you have factual evidence/figures from the US Defense which help make you make this claim. Don't say things you know nothing about except what you hear on the 10 O'clock news. Stop whining and start doing, and read up on your knowledge before you start making claims. The boy scouts and Sunday school are the most rediculous references to your personal knowledge of freedom I have ever heard. Get in the real world the days when you were 10 are over, act like a man not a boy scout.
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