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Monday, November 06, 2006
A Letter To Virginia Senate Candidate Jim Webb
by Cordeiro
Dear Mr. Webb:

Over the past three days I have received several mailings and at least two recorded phone messages from your senate campaign office. Add to that the wall-to-wall radio and TV blitz and I can’t even watch an episode of Without A Trace without being informed that George Allen hates the economically disadvantage and you’re ready to ride across the Potomac on an amphibious assault vehicle and save us from Karl Rove’s Death Star.

So, before you staff starts spending more of your Moveon.org financed war chest on confetti for the victory party, you should tell them to drop by my house. I haven’t thrown away your campaign mailers. I shredded them.

In short, Mr. Webb, you don’t get my vote.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect and admire the service you have rendered to this nation as a Marine and Reagan Administration official. I understand you have fought many battles and wars for this nation, and for that I am grateful. I don’t believe, however, you learned an important lesson from your tours of duty in Vietnam.

The Vietnam War was not lost in the rice paddies. It was not lost because the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines of the United States Armed Forces lacked the capability, training, and equipment necessary to militarily defeat the enemy. The Vietnam War was lost because politicians and left leaning media and pop-culture nuts found ways to hobble the military until it could no longer accomplish the mission its country sent it there to fulfill.

Battles were fought, territory was captured, and the enemy was killed – only to have that same territory abandoned thus requiring the same battle to be fought over the same hill top over and over. Wars exact a high price for victory. Defeat exacts a far higher toll. Self-inflicted defeat is the worst way to lose any conflict. That, Mr. Webb, is the lesson most people learned from Vietnam.

To me there is no greater issue in this election than that of defeating terror on the global scale. Your campaign literature touts you as someone who desires a “change” course in the prosecution of the Global War on Terror. I see those in the party you’ve just recently joined ready to start the engines of “Phased Re-deployment”, “Withdrawal Timetable” and other catch phrases. Let’s get one thing straight here, Jim. Your guys want to implement a Vietnam style retreat.

Tell me something, Jim. We know victory in World War II cost untold billions from the US Treasury and the lives of some 400,000 American service men and women. How many lives were lost as a result of the US retreat from Vietnam? Is there any reason to believe a retreat from Iraq and thus the War on Terror would cost any less?

Colin Powell once something similar to this: “The leader in the field is always right and rear echelon is wrong, unless and until proven otherwise.” Well, perhaps you should listen to the guys in the field and what they think about the tinny, out of tune, one-note samba currently being played by your party.

Take us out of that vacuum -- and it's on the edge now -- and boom, it would become a free-for-all. It would be a raw contention for power. That would be the bloodiest piece of this war. – Lt. Colonel Mark Suich, currently commanding the 89th Cavalry Regiment operating in the southern part of Baghdad.

Pulling out now would be as bad or worse than going forward with no changes. Sectarian violence would be rampant, democracy would cease to exist, and the rule of law would be decimated. It's not 'stay the course,' and it's not 'cut and run' or other political catchphrases. There are people's lives here. There are so many different dynamics that go on here that a simple solution just isn't possible. - Captain Jim Modlin, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment – FOB Sykes outside Tall Afar.

We'll pull their feet out from under them if we leave. It's still fragile enough now that if the coalition were to leave, it would embolden the insurgents. A lot of people have put their trust and faith in us to see it to the end. It would be an extreme betrayal for us to leave. - Captain Mike Lingenfelter, Comanche Troop of the 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment
You can’t get much more rear echelon than Washington DC, Jim. The people on the ground want to stay and finish the job. They’ve learned history’s lessons. You might want to listen to them.

You don’t get my vote, Jim. This election is about winning the war. This war was declared on us, and it’s up to serious people to do the serious job of defeating the enemy. I’m sorry to say it, but you’re just not serious enough for the times we live in.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Jim won't get my vote either I will be there to vote for Allen he has been good for this state and just because he has turned into a horrible campaigner is no reason to change.
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