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Friday, November 03, 2006
Lone Wingnuts Unleashed
by Cordeiro
Mike Stark really wants to be noticed. Evidently the rigors and class load of the University of Virginia's Law School (1st Year) don't take up enough of Mike's time (it remains to be seen whether or not he'll make it to Year 2) thus he has made a hobby of attempting to inject himself into Virginia's hotly contested Senate race.

From what I've gathered during a quick perusal of his Calling All Wingnuts blog, he's offered his services to the Webb campaign and UVa's democratic student organization and has been met with lukewarm responses.

So, in his never ending attempt to gain his 15 minutes of political fame, Mike Stark has decided to crash political events to garner more face time. Yesterday he made an abbreviated effort to get up close and personal with Senator George Allen during a rally in Charlottesville.

Stark yelled an leftist agenda driven question at Allen:

Why did you spit at your first wife, George?
A claim which Anne Waddell (Allen's first wife) declared to be "a baseless, cheap shot."

Memo to Mike Stark: That's what people in the business call a "lie".

Stark was removed from the hotel by Allen's volunteer staff. Hotair's Allah Pundit has the video and various links. Stark, shockingly, is offended and is threatening to press charges. Personally, I think he's lucky he was able to leave the event under his own power. We here in Virginia believe in the use of good manners in the public square. This was Charlottesville, not Queens.

After seeing the video last night, I was reminded of Al "Cheap Shot" Franken's body slamming of a political demonstrator in the 2004 Campaign. Ace had the same thought and provides the details. Franken was cheered by doing something many lefties wanted to do. Allen's staff is being branded as a bunch of thugs. Dare I raise the subject of a double standard?

Congratulations, Mike. You've now reached your 15 minute limit. You will forever be remembered as the guy who got himself thrown out of a political rally by middle aged volunteers. Let us know how that enhances your life.

Here endeth the lesson.

UPDATE AND BUMP: Two Anonymous commenters derided the George Allen staff for manhandling Stark. Well, as is true in football, the first shove never gets noticed. CNN's cameras only caught the last half of the altercation. The Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star has a slideshow of Stark's attempt to get close to Allen. Pictures 1-8 show him shoving his way past an Allen staffer. Most likely this staffer's job is to keep un-cleared people away from the senator. If you think getting in the face of some senator you don't like is a constitutional right, try getting in Hillary's face and see how well you do.

It seems to me, by photographic evidence, that Mr. Stark committed the first assault and should be charged accordingly. I wonder how an assault charge would affect his standing at UVa.

Oh, and to the two Anonymous commenters - I'm waiting for your retractions and apologies. Don't worry. I won't hold my breath.
4 Comment(s):
If I asked a stranger on the street a question, any question no matter how offensive, and 3 of his "friends" (thugs) picked me up and slammed me to the ground that would be assault and battery in the United States. Senator Allen has no more right to be free of offensive questions than any other citizen. There is no legitimate excuse for assault. If Senator Allen and his supportors have special rights then I guess that if I asked the President an embarrasing question then his Secret Service agents would have the right to shoot me.
"We here in Virginia believe in the use of good manners in the public square. This was Charlottesville, not Queens.

We here in Virginia are also part of the United States and are entitled to the same rights and responsibilities of free speech as the rest our country. I am disgusted by the Allen campaign and if there is a precedent of the lefties doing the same in 04, that that is to be condemned as well.


A Conservative and an ex-Republican.
The point I was trying to make, and both of you Anonymous commenter missed, was the fact that Stark was able to leave the hotel under his own power is a credit to the restraint on the part of the Allen people.

Stark came to this event uninvited. He made a fool of himself at a private function and was asked to leave. When he did not remove himself, he was removed.

Freedom of speech does not include a right to be heard. People are expected to conduct themselves with civility in the public square - a lesson which Stark and his fellow moonbatty wingnuts have yet to learn.
Hey Annon,

Of course you're aware RFK was killed by a guy who charged through to the candidate like Stark did. Oswald was similarly whacked by someone busting through the crowd.

I'm suprised Stark wasn't shot. Dropping him in response to such a physical charge on a cnadidate would have been a riteous defensible shooting.
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