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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Out On The Limb With Hugh And Dean
by Cordeiro
I’m usually not one to make predictions. I did not buy Yahoo! stock at $20. I don’t read tea leaves. Hell, I don’t even drink tea. That said, I’m going to join Blogfather Hugh and Soxblogger Dean Barnett on the limb of political prognostication despite the fact Hugh knows much too little about football and Dean knows far too much about random baseball history.

I’ve read most of the polls. Almost to a pollster doom and gloom for Republican candidates across the country is predicted. Crates of iced champagne and cases of cigars sit ready for celebrations in democratic headquarters across the country. In my humble opinion, said alcohol will be used to drown leftist sorrows starting at about 7pm eastern tonight.

Over the past 10+ days the momentum has shifted dramatically in favor of Republican candidates. It started even before Lurch’s troop gaffe, however Lurch did much to increase the speed of the shift. I think the GOP will hold the line in Virginia, Tennessee, and Missouri. There’s a good chance of picking up a senate seat in Maryland, Michigan and possibly Washington. I still hold out high hopes for Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania.

The House is a far more difficult animal to predict. Never the less, I believe the GOP will hold it, albeit by a slimmer margin than they currently do.

I am not alone in my disbelief of the MSM in their naked cheerleading efforts for democratic candidates. In today’s New York Times, you will find an article in which Adam Nagorney begins to hedge his paper’s bets on the election outcome. He quotes Washington insider Charlie Cook as to what would happen if the Democrats failed to “take back” the House even by one seat. Says Mr. Cook:

I think you’d see a Jim Jones situation — it would be a mass suicide.
The sun may come up tomorrow on a Capitol where Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker-elect of the US House of Representatives. That would prove the MSM punditry correct in their predictions. In all seriousness, The MSM prognosticators don’t exactly have a stellar track record when it comes to predicting the mindset of the American people.

It is just as possible that the sun rises tomorrow to find the Democrats on the losing end of yet another electoral ballot season, in which case you might want to check that purple kool-aid dispenser. It just might be spiked.

So, here I find myself out on this limb with Hugh, Dean, and Company. I’m a rather large guy – make room, gentlemen.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Some good things have happened:

Kerry has removed himself, with his
mouth, from future nomination by his Party.

The Pendulum swings to and fro.

Both parties, now with goofy elections over
we can begin to
Concentrate on IRAN.

Chin up my friend. We have great
Military Presence. We are for now,
ON HOLD. GWBush said, "Not On My
Watch!" He is solid. The Political
Hot-Air does not rattle him.

Illegitimi Tatum, Non Carborundum.


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