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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
Rummy Exits Stage Right
by Cordeiro
With the US Senate due to change hands in January, I can understand why SecDef Donald “Rummy” Rumsfeld has decided to call it career.

Not everyone in DC liked Rummy. Not everyone in the Pentagon liked Rummy. Personally, I liked Rummy because with him you always knew what he thought and where you stood with him. He pulled no punches and worked harder and longer than most beltway types. He was rough around the edges, but he knew what he wanted to accomplish and did his level best to do what his boss wanted him to do.

It was simply his time to go – under his own terms. The other option would be to occupy a permanent post in the witness chair of Carl Levin’s grilling committee. Why anyone would want to endure cheap political potshots by empty suits such as Levin and Lurch is beyond me.

Yes, it would have been entertaining. Yes, Rummy would so deftly and expertly slice and dice his opponents that they would bleed to death before realizing they’d been wounded. However, in time of war, SecDef has more important things to do. Rummy understands that. That, dear reader, is why he will fade away stage right in order that W might soldier on.

That’s the kind of man Rummy is.

Thank you, Mr. Secretary. Fare thee well.

Here endeth the lesson.

Update: Check out Blackfive's Rummy Gallery
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