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Friday, December 01, 2006
A Civics Lesson For Michael Moore
by Cordeiro
It’s been awhile since I saw fit to expend bandwidth and keystrokes on Michael Moore. He currently holds a place of distinction on the SOTR Glossary as the personification of WOSABA. Don’t know what a WOSABA is? Look it up.

Mikey has had a busy election season working tirelessly to elect Democrats in his never ending pursuit of relevance. Needless to say, he was euphoric when the House, Senate, and a handful of governorships changed hands. He even went so far as to pen a gloating letter to conservatives everywhere promising tax hikes, gay marriage, and the capture of Binny Laden as a result of the election.

But today, Mikey is mad. Hopping mad. You see, Mikey hasn’t yet gotten what he really wanted from the Democrats now that they’re in power. Never mind the fact they don’t run the show until January 8th. Don’t cloud Mikey’s head with facts – it confuses him.

Mikey wants US troops out of Iraq. Yesterday. He even goes so far as to use the Soviet Union’s 36 week retreat from Afghanistan as a template for what he would like to see in Iraq. Nobody ever accused Mikey of having a good grasp of military history or strategy. Says Mikey:
There is only one solution and it is this: Leave. Now. Start tonight.
In whatever Bizarro World Mikey lives in, and what ever high school civics class he took, he must have missed (skipped, cut, sluffed) the lesson on separation of powers.

So let me take it upon myself to make up for Mikey’s lack of civics knowledge. I’ll try to use small words so he’ll be sure to understand.

Here’s the short lesson, Mikey: The Congress of the United States – that’s the House and Senate – cannot order the US military to do a damn thing. The power to give orders to the military constitutionally vested in one person.

No, its not Nancy Pelosi. Its not Dusty Harry. Nice try, Mikey. Pay attention.

The President of the United States is the Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces. That means every soldier, sailor, airman and marine answers to him, and him alone. The people you helped get elected can whine, moan, complain, and demand retreat (let’s call it what it really is) until they collapse from lack of oxygen. Not one person wearing this nation’s uniform has to listen to them. That’s the way the founders set the system up. In short, W calls the military shots.

The Democratic Representatives and Senators you worked so hard to elect have but one way of influencing the way war is waged. They can cut funding for military operations. They can tell the troops in harm’s way their mission is no longer worth funding and by so doing can also tell said troops the sacrifice of nearly 3,000 of their brothers and sisters has been in vain. As far as I know, the only person advocating that in Congress is Dennis Kucinich. Yes, that's the congressman who used his presidential campaign as a way to meet single women. No, I'm not making that up.

This strategy of defeat by budgetary means has been waged by the Democrats before. Remember Saigon, 1975. I know the picture of the last Huey leaving the US Embassy gets you all excited.

The only problem is, this isn’t 1975. Don’t let that stop you from taking shots at Nancy Pelosi and Dusty Harry. When someone is beating up my opponent, I’m the first one to pass the Louisville Slugger. Swing away, Mikey.

In the meantime, however, at least try and get your facts straight. I know this is a big issue for you, Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 are more fiction than fact. Separation of powers is really a simple concept. Most of us learned that in Junior High. When you talk about Americans who are “kept stupid through our pathetic education system and our lazy media,” perhaps you should take a good look in the mirror and wonder if you’re not describing yourself.

Here endeth the lesson.
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