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Friday, December 01, 2006
Helen Thomas' "Courage"
by Cordeiro
Every now and then, Helen “Two Bag” Thomas feels the need to let people know she’s still alive. Evidently her presence at the daily White House Press Gaggle isn’t enough to prove the fact she still takes up space and uses air.

Judging from this picture, one can understand why people like me are surprised her body temperature still hovers slightly above room temperature.

Well, today Two Bag Thomas attempted to string together two coherent sentences in yet another op-ed broadside aimed in the general direction of the W White House. She utterly failed in her attempt. So complete was her failure that I fail to see why any self-respecting newspaper sees fit to run her syndicated column.

The main point of her column rests upon the comment made by a “female Arab critic” to Bush 41 during a leadership conference in the United Arab Emirates. Bush 41 effectively defended W in a deft verbal smackdown – but don’t try and explain that to Two Bag Thomas. She’s got her own agenda.

She waited until Paragraph 18 of a 19 paragraph diatribe to insert this gem:
This is unfortunate because the dire mess in Iraq demands bold action by the U.S. The real solution is a cakewalk out of Iraq tomorrow. The world would stand in shock and awe. (Emphasis Added)
A cakewalk? I'm sorry Helen, the world wouldn't stand up in "shock and awe". They'd be unable to stand due to fits of hysterical laughter in between strapping homicide bomb vests on their children to be sent to downtown Topeka.

I can’t make this stuff up. And she saved the best for last.
All it takes is courage.
My guess is, this is Helen Thomas’ idea of courage:

Helen Thomas can’t even see the bend she’s gone around.

Memo to Tony Snow: Check for a pulse next Gaggle.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Helen Thomas has more courage and dedication to this country than anyone on this board. I can take a picture of anyone with a smirk or weird look for an instance and make him look like a freak. If all reporters had her guts, this Iraq Holocost would not have happened. I never voted Democrat until this year. Former Republican
The SOTR Blog humbly requests that all commenters refrain from heavy alcohol or drug use until after posting their comments.

And, if you can find me a good picture of Helen Thomas, I might be willing to use it. Good luck though. There's a reason we call her "Two Bag".
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