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Sunday, January 28, 2007
Hillary's American Idol Audition
by Cordeiro

Many politicians have learned the dangers of an open microphone. You never know when they're on nor what exactly they're recording. They pick up the damnedest things and are credited with, among other things, the inspiration for the SOTR moniker for the Vice President of the United States, Dick "Big Time" Cheney.

Well, Hillary is the latest victim of Open Mic Syndrome. She was in Iowa on her Conversation Tour when the National Anthem was played. To her credit, and our entertainment, she attempted (notice I don't use the term "succeeded") to sing along with the band.

Her singing voice, which would make Simon Cowell writhe in agony, was picked up toward the end of the clip. It is truly painful to listen to. Good thing she made such a killing in cattle futures - that means she won't have to try and make a living as a lounge singer.

Here endeth the lesson.

HT PoliticalDerby.com
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It also might be good if she actually learned the correct words to the song.

Listen carefully and she sings "Oh say does 'our' sspangeld banner yet wave.

Should be 'that' star spangled banner
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