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Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Letter To Congressman Tom Davis (r-VA)
by Cordeiro
Dear Congressman Davis:

You don’t know me, though we met briefly this past 4th of July as you walked the parade route through the suburban Virginia neighborhood I have called home for nearly four years. Like many of my neighbors, I’m a transplant to Virginia. I spent the previous half-decade living in Los Angeles where I was unfortunate enough to be represented by some of the most hard left Democrats ever to serve in the United States Congress.

Congressional representation didn’t much influence my decision to live in your district. I’m pretty much a mercenary in that I go where the paycheck is. That said, I was happy to live in a district where my Congressman shared most of my views and worked to represent my values on the floor of the People’s House. I took pride in the fact that, when the dust settled, my Congressman would get it right when it really mattered. I didn’t have to worry about my Congressman attempting to subvert and obstruct my President during time of war. I knew that my Congressman wouldn’t try to find a way to undercut the morale of troops in harms way by being part of the Democratic Party’s effort to pass “non-binding” resolutions which do nothing more than embolden the enemy by showcasing schisms in the collective resolve of this nation.

When I write, Congressman Davis, I do so with purpose. You’ll note that every single verb in the preceding paragraph describing my Congressman is in the past tense.

Your participation in and support of the “non-binding” resolution “Disapproving of the decision of the President announced on January 10, 2007, to deploy more than 20,000 additional United States combat troops to Iraq” surprised me to the point I had to read the news twice. Then I checked your website just to make sure I had been correctly informed.

I expect people like John Murtha, Nancy Pelosi, and Steny Hoyer to support such inane and useless legislation. I expect Henry Waxman to believe Iraq represents a defeat for the United States. I do not expect that from people like you – someone I’ve voted for twice with the expectation you would support efforts to win this war, not find ways to lose it.

Congressman Davis, I represent your base – the group of people who could be counted on to vote for you in good times and bad – the group of people you didn’t have to work very hard to get to the polls every other November. Now you’ve done wrong by me on the one issue I will not negotiate away. I don’t care how many federal dollars you bring to home to Virginia’s 11th District. I don’t care about your plans are for easing congestion through the Springfield Mixing Bowl. I don’t even care what your ideas are for energy corridors. The consequences of unforced failure in Iraq far outweigh anything else you stand for.

Your district, Congressman, is by all accounts a safe, reliable, Republican one. I, for one (and I do not believe I am alone) sincerely hope you have a primary challenger for your 2008 campaign. I will personally work to support whoever that may be. I want a Congressman who will support the Commander-in-Chief and the Armed Forces in the effort to win this war – not a Congressman who will try and find ways to dictate war strategy through “non-binding” resolutions. I cannot and will not support those who are so willing to pull the rug out from under those whose job it is to defend this nation.

The President’s surge plan represents what may just be our last best hope for victory in this long struggle. You of all people should be supporting those seeking victory, not emboldening the enemy.

I expect better of my Congressman. The people of Virginia’s 11th District deserve better. You’re in the wrong camp on this one, Congressman.



Here endeth the lesson.
2 Comment(s):
If you expected Tom Davis to be anything other than an opportunistic man who goes where the money is, whether his choice of spouse in his personal life or his signature on the Terri Schiavo subpoena that was supposed to bring in the right wing-nuts, you have not been following the votes of Tom Davis of Virginia.

And if you think the troops are more concerned about the resolution than they are about body armor, the condition of Walter Reed Hospital, or whether they have the leadership and purpose that they need, then you are not in Iraq.
The point of the letter was to illustrate that I had not had a reason to be concerned about my Congressman. I could give a rat's hindquarters about his choice in spouse or his position on Schiavo.

Of all things, I would have thought it obvious that I'm not in Iraq. Some people can't even get the most obvious of hints.
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