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Monday, February 05, 2007
A Peek Behind The Curtain
by Cordeiro
Every now and then a Presidential Candidate gives a little glimpse as to what lies behind (and sometimes beneath) the carefully crafted and sculpted façade which they display to the electorate. Most of the time the candidate’s true face is only seen in glimpses and soundbytes – the most recent example being John “Lurch” Kerry’s sustained implosion masquerading as a presidential campaign.

As this election cycle has begun much earlier than in times past, more attention is being focused on candidates for a longer period of time. If a candidates life and policies can stand the glaring sustained spotlight unique to the American Media, it bodes well for said candidate. Such is not the case where Hillary Clinton is concerned.

Hillary must find a way to placate those on the rabid left fringe of her party. In times past this could be done in a largely private way as the MSM would turn a blind eye to Democratic candidates’ remarks before any left leaning audience. Not so with today’s information age. Hillary evidently hasn’t gotten that memo.

She addressed the Howlin’ Mad Howie and the rest of the rabid leftists attending the DNC Winter Meeting last Friday. Here are some highlights and you can find a transcript here – scroll down unless you have a desire to read the left-wing commentary. Emphasis and commentary are added for your entertainment.

On the Iraq war and the Global War on Terror in General:
And let me add one other thing, and I want to be very clear about this. If I had been president in October of 2002, I would not have started this war.
Excuse me, Hillary, but what are we to make of your vote to authorize war in Iraq? Are we just supposed to gloss over your Senate record?
I would not - and if in Congress, if we in Congress, working as hard as we can to get the 60 votes you need to do anything in the Senate -- believe me, I understand the frustration and the outrage, you have to have 60 votes to cap troops, to limit funding, to do anything. If we in Congress don't end this war before January 2009, as president, I will!
End the war? Nice soundbyte, Hillary, but the ending this war won’t be like the way you ended Vietnam. Ending this war your way means it has to be ended by means of capitulation, appeasement, and yes, surrender. Your DNC lapdogs may like that idea. America does not.

On Economics:
The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the history of the world. I want to take those profits and I want to put them into a strategic energy fund that will begin to find alternative smart energy, alternatives and technologies that will begin to actually move us toward the direction of independence!
The word “profit” is a dirty word in the democratic party’s lexicon. Hillary did nothing to produce this profit, yet she covets that money with every cell in her body. With all her alleged intelligence and so-called impressive intellect, she understands nothing about the basic pillars of economic fact. Corporations are in business to make a profit. If you tax those profits – or take them outright (as Hillary fantasizes) corporations will not end up paying the price – consumers will. That’s just a fact, Hillary. Facts are foreign concepts to you. I understand that – you do not.

She goes on, and on, and on. She trumpets her “lifetime of experience and qualifications” as things which should propel her to the Oval Office even though how eight years at the side of Slick Willy and another eight as New York’s junior Senator don’t exactly qualify her for much other than a used car salesperson.

She has no plan for the war other than to run from it. She has no plan for the country other than to confiscate what others have earned and give it to those who have earned nothing. Her rhetoric is lofty – but her solutions are lowly. Spin doctors, makeup artists, and campaign consultants can to little to hide those realities for long.

Memo to Hillary: The wind is coming.

Here endeth the lesson.
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