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Friday, February 23, 2007
Pelosi Joins Obama and Hillary in Junior High
by Cordeiro
First she wanted Mad Jack Murtha as House Majority Leader, then she got bent out of shape because W’s plane is bigger than hers, and now she gets her knickers in a bunch because Big Time Dick Cheney takes a verbal swipe at her defeatist rhetoric.

Seriously, folks. Does the San Francisco Treat honestly believe she’s the only one who can take pot shots at a political opponent? All Big Time Cheney said was that the strategy championed by Pelosi, Murtha, et al, would not result in victory and would in fact “validate the Al Qaeda strategy”. This is true.

Maybe if Nancy went up to the super secret classified room and bothered to read up on the strategy Usama “Binny” Laden put forth, she’d understand what Big Time Cheney is talking about. Binny Laden’s goal is not to defeat America on the battlefield, but to destroy the will of the American people to support the Global War on Terror. Pelosi’s effort in the House, along with Dusty Harry’s Senate wrangling, does precisely that.

So when Big Time calls her on it, what does she do? Does she call Big Time’s office and chew him out? No, she calls W and in with a no doubt whiny, shrill voice that is normally reserved for three-year-old girls and junior Senators from New York and demands he rebuke Big Time for daring to question her “patriotism”.

Memo to San Fran Nan: Big Time wasn’t questioning your patriotism. He was questioning your judgment. If you feel patriotic in rooting for the enemy, may I suggest you readjust your vocabulary.

Add this to the “Hillary-Obama” dust-up earlier this week and its plain to see the Democratic Party “Leadership” resembles a Junior High School lunch room more than it does a group of serious politicians.

If Pelosi wants to take on Big Time, she should do it herself, not whine to W and hope he does it for her. I commend White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten for not collapsing into a fit of hysterical laughter until after he hung up on Pelosi’s whining.

Here endeth the lesson.
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