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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
The Political Cowardice Of The Breck Girl
by Cordeiro
History is a very interesting subject when you start making comparisons between the struggles and battles men have fought in the past and the challenges men face today.

Retired USC history professor A.J. Langguth - in Union 1812 - details the years between America's first and second wars of Independence, the second more popularly known as the War of 1812. On the recommendation of Blogfather Hugh I listened to the unabridged recording of Union 1812 over the past few weeks.

What astounded me was the number of "generals" - mostly American but sometimes British - who would surrender their positions without so much as firing a shot to defend themselves. They would not go out and do battle unless victory was a sure thing. A few of these "generals" were tried and convicted as cowards - justifiably so.

Today one can look upon John "Breck Girl" Edwards, the Nevada and indeed the national Democratic Party, and every single Democratic presidential candidate and think the same thing about them that I think about the aforementioned "generals".

They were to have met in Reno on August 14th for a debate which would have been broadcast by Fox News. The fact it was to be broadcast by Fox News evidently so infuriated the Democratic Party power brokers - those being Kos and Moveon.org - they demanded said debate be cancelled.

Their excuse? An attempted joke by the Fox head honcho Ailes. Personally, I think they were scared people might actually watch the debate. Fox News Channel actually has live viewers. CNN, MSNBC, and ABC barely register in the ratings wars. If it were possible for ratings to have a negative number, CBS would do just that.

Breck Girl Edwards was the first to cave to the surrender demands of the Moveon.org crowd. He declared, via Jonathan Prince:
Fox News has already proven they have no intention of providing "fair and balanced" coverage of any Democrat in this election.
You see, Democrats are afraid - yes afraid - of entering any arena where they do not control the coverage. Heaven forbid, Breck Girl, Hillary, Obama, and the rest of the crown might actually have gotten a hardball question from Brit Hume - or whoever was the debate referee.

The Cowardly Dems have now followed Breck Girl's lead - most likely the only time he's ever led them in doing anything. Leave it to Dusty Harry Reid to follow the advise of a one term Senator who couldn't even buy his own re-election, let alone carry his state for his party in the 2004 election. Battle Born politics - yeah, right.

The current crop of Dem presidential contenders has badly blown this issue. Perhaps they thought it better to be thought fools rather than go on television people actually watch and remove any doubt whatsoever.

Here endeth the lesson.
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