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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Playing Poker With Dusty Harry
by Cordeiro
In the insulated echo chamber that is the Washington Beltway, its really easy to start believing your own press – especially if you happen to be Senator “Dusty” Harry Reid (D-Circus Circus). He’s been in that echo chamber so long he’s now convinced the American people want to turn tail, run, and surrender in Iraq.

Unsatisfied with the Surrender Timetable passed by the Senate last week, Dusty Harry has now joined forces with presidential loser John “Lurch” Kerry and Wisconsin’s Surrender Ambassador Russ Feingold in proposing an immediate surrender of “some” combat troops while codifying yet another “non-binding” drop dead date of March 31, 2008 for the rest of the US forces in Iraq.

Author’s note: The author of the afore-linked report – the AP’s Anne Flaherty – makes a point of writing that the legislation “orders” combat troops out of Iraq by a date certain – March 31 or August 31 depending on which version you read. Flaherty would do well to do some research and learn the only person vested with the authority to order the Armed Forces to do anything is the President. Congress funds the military. It does not order it. I’ll wait patiently for her clarification. Maybe she should read Big Time Cheney’s Constitutional Primer.

Though Dusty Harry may hail from America’s Gambling Capitol, I don’t think he plays poker very well. He’s holding a very weak hand that, if played, would cut off funds for the very troops he claims to support. He doesn’t seem to understand that, while Americans may not like this war very much they’re much less interested in purposefully losing it to a bunch of Islamofacist Murdering Thugs. Americans hate Cowards. They hate Losers almost as much. Dusty Harry thinks somehow combining these two virtues will solidify support for his Cut & Run Caucus.

Dusty Harry is playing a high stakes game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poke with W. W shot back at Dusty Harry and his band of Congressional Jackasses today. You see, Dusty Harry & Company have left town (some with destinations more exotic than others) without tending to the obvious needs of the Armed Forces – unless you consider a bill laden with nearly $30 Billion of PORK something troops need in a war zone.

With his latest antics, Dusty Harry has laid all his cards on the table and called what he thinks is W’s bluff. Dusty Harry thinks W will cave and sign Dusty Harry’s Surrender bill so as to avoid a constitutional showdown over the war. He thinks W’s veto threat is a bluff and that, in the end, he’ll come out of this ordeal more powerful than ever.

Dusty Harry has vastly over calculated the strength of his hand. He’s forgotten that W doesn’t do the political nuance inherent to those encased in the Beltway Echo Chamber. W seldom bluffs – and will never sign anything that handcuffs his troops to the whims of spineless politicians more concerned with political victory than they are with victory over America’s enemies.

So, Harry, do you fee lucky?

Here endeth the lesson

Pop Quiz: Can somebody please tell me where in the Constitution is found the authority for the Speaker of the House to conduct American diplomacy? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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