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Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Brian Ross Defines Irresponsible Journalism
by Cordeiro
Secret. Classified. Black Ops. Covert operations.

To most rational people those words mean things you should think about before broadcasting them to the world. Brian Ross, and his cohort Richard Esposito are not rational people. Neither are the “current and former intelligence officials” responsible for leaking the classified information regarding W’s Presidential Finding on Iran.

There is no real revelation in Ross’ reporting. Anyone with half a brain cell knows there’s no love lost between the United States and Iran. That situation has remained unchanged for over 30 years now. Given the facts that Iran is racing toward a nuclear weapon and is directly responsible for providing weapons to the Iraqi insurgency that is killing US troops I would be surprised if W hadn’t authorized some covert action against the Islamofacist Murdering Thug Mullahs in Tehran.

Ross claims his “sources” report the “non-lethal” Presidential Finding authorizes
coordinated campaign of propaganda, disinformation and manipulation of Iran's currency and international financial transactions.
In short, no military force has been authorized.

The left won’t bother to read those details. They don’t care about details. They will read the words “covert action” and immediately launch into an anti-Iran war fervor. Iran will start whining about US involvement in their private affairs. In short, much fuss will be made.

Brian Ross knows this. He lives for it. He believes he’s doing his civic duty by exposing this “Black Op” and thereby embarrassing the President of the United States during time of war.

So, dear reader – especially those who object to the use of force - what would you rather W do? Bring down the Thug Mullahs using non-lethal means, or just go in and bomb the hell out of them once and for all?

Well, for those of you who favor non-violent means of dealing with America’s enemies, Brian Ross & Company just made it much harder to do so.

Thanks a lot, Brian.

Here endeth the lesson.
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Two things:
1) At this point we are not at war with Iran, so thus the only war of which you speak would be the misnamed "War On Terror." Regardless of what Brian Ross did or not do (after all, it was his sources that leaked the information), you can not charge him with sedition or realistically implicate him.

2) Bush & Company will have their war with Iran if they so wish. The "evidence" of Iran supporting Sunnis is laughable, especially since they are propping up the Shiite government with us in Iraq. I can't see how a war will improve the situation in Iran or the Middle East, with or without Brian Ross' reporting. The honest truth is that as long as both sides "puff up" and continue the rhetoric so far, I am certain that some Middle East allies will support Iran, even if they hate the Shiites.

I agree with you that Brian Ross and the "Left" is overblowing this, but then again the "Right" has been overblowing every move by Iran and the US for years now. Do you really think anyone in either government wants a peaceful resolution here? I'm not so sure. I think we will have a war by the end of the summer. And because we have too few troops available from our engagements in Afghanistan and Iraq, we will make the meddling before 9/11 look like child's play.

As Ron Paul said, the "blowback" will probably cross US soil again.
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