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Friday, May 18, 2007
Lipstick On The Perfumed Pig
by Cordeiro
Anytime Ted “Dude, Where’s My Scotch” Kennedy can stand erect long enough to endorse a piece of legislation, you can bet your bottom dollar trouble is brewing someplace. Well, yesterday he managed to stand long enough to announce, flanked by Arlen Specter and John “Squish” McCain, the “compromise” immigration deal.

The aforementioned Senators had barely left the podium before the details of the “deal” began to leak forth. I listened as Blogfather Hugh nearly hyperventilated about the capitulation effort undertaken by the GOP as it flirts with self destruction. Michelle documents some of the Right’s reaction and points you to an NZ Bear picture which I might or might not have adjusted in some form or fashion here. Rick Moran's blood pressure is dangerously high, and his latest post gave me the inspiration for the title of this post.

A marketing professor of mine once stated (although not attributable to him) that you can put a lot of perfume and lipstick on a pig, but at the end of the day, you’ll still have a pig. That, dear reader, is exactly what the Senate put forth yesterday. A small group of self-centered Senators worked behind closed doors to generate a bill which exceeds some 4,000 pages in length. NZ Bear put it up against the Bible, and the Bible lost out by a few hundred pages. He’s lucky the table didn’t break.

The idea behind their efforts is to have a day or so of debate on this behemoth of a bill and then vote on it with the expectation that it will become law before anyone has a chance to actually read the thing. When movie makers know they’ve made a bomb of a film, they keep it close hold – even from the critics – until its released. They do this hoping that enough people will pay to see the movie before everyone figures out it deserves a Raspberry and not an Oscar. Scotch Kennedy and Squish McCain have this same hope. As much as I loathe to take shots at W, he’s as complicit in this as the rest of them.

The more I learn about this “deal”, the less I like it. We as a nation have the inherent right to dictate who has the privilege of entering this country. Those who have broken the law to get here should not be rewarded nor get a head start on those who have obeyed the immigration laws and are waiting their turn. Giving amnesty to law breakers (yes, that’s what they are) doesn’t serve the greater good of this nation. Scotch Kennedy never had that as a goal anyway.

Blogfather Hugh went to the effort to give you the name and phone number of every single Senate Republican. Democrats aren’t interested in the rule of law or the security implications of an exceptionally porous border. May I add my encouragement to his plea that you call these people and let them know you’re not interested in the McCain Kennedy Pig v 2.0. No matter how much lipstick they paint it with or how many gallons of cheap perfume they pour on it, its still a pig.

This nation deserves better.

Here endeth the lesson.
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