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Thursday, May 31, 2007
Rule Of Law At Work In Iraq
by Cordeiro
Everyone is at times faced with difficult professional decisions. Decisions sometimes have to be made using the best information available and oft times without being able to consult supervisors or other higher authority. Some people agonize over these decisions to the point they become paralyzed by fear and end up doing nothing – thereby causing the situation to get worse than it otherwise needs be.

Michael Yon’s latest dispatch from Iraq tells of the exceptionally difficult circumstance confronting Army Lieutenant Colonel Doug Crissman. I commend to you Yon’s entire article. While it is lengthy, I can’t find a single word that doesn’t belong therein. Crissman had to take down a respected Iraqi who had violated General Petraeus’ “Values Doctrine” which basically says coalition forces will not participate in the abuse of anyone. The Iraqi in question betrayed this doctrine and therefore had to be removed from power. Crissman didn’t have time to debate the issue, and the way in which he dealt with the Iraqi was truly unique. He deserves a medal. Yon deserves a Pulitzer.

Yon does an incredible job describing Iraq from the ground level. He far outshines any MSM reporter and I can tell he has the respect of those about whom he writes. He knows whereof he speaks. I find his description of the insurgent Al Qaeda-Iraq (AQI) forces to be the best single sentence of the entire dispatch:
AQI operatives are not amenable to change, so there was killing to be done.
There are some people who cannot be negotiated with.

Read the whole thing.

Here endeth the lesson.
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