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Wednesday, June 27, 2007
The WaPo’s Big Time Series
by Cordeiro

I don't really believe in coincidences, especially where the Washington Post is concerned.  Its not a big secret in DC, but for those of you who live outside the bubble, the Post doesn't like the Vice-President of the United States, affectionately referred to on this blog as Big Time.  I'm pretty sure Big Time reciprocates this feeling, albeit on a less than public level.   Big Time reserves such public displays of animosity for people like Leaky Leahy.


This week the Washington Post unveiled its multi-part series Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency.  It's a lengthy read and although it contains some interesting anecdotes and interviews, the whole effort pretty much follows the MSM script associated with Big Time.


Historically, the Vice-Presidency has been one of the most boring jobs in government.  The VP only has one constitutional role – that being to serve as President of the Senate and to cast a vote in the event of a tie.   That's it.  Other than the obvious role as being the man "a heartbeat (or lack thereof) away" from the Presidency, there are no other prescribed duties.   Its no wonder the office of Vice-President was referred to by one of its first occupants as a "bucket of warm spit."


The role of the VP changes depending on who sits in the Big Chair, but for the most part, VP's do very little.   If you want to challenge my assertion, please list for me five memorable accomplishments of Al Gore during his eight years as Clinton's #2 Man.  Just for the record, bringing the term "No Controlling Legal Authority" into the DC Lexicon doesn't count.


Big Time changed the way the Vice Presidency worked for one simple reason – he had and has no designs on ascending to the Oval Office.   Come January 2009 he'll return to life as a private citizen.  This freed him up to redefine the office how ever he saw fit – much to the chagrin of many people in the DC establishment.   Read the WaPo's series and you'll find many mentions of Big Time calling up mid-level federal workers for specific information on an issue they were working on which he was interested in.    In the business world that type of action is heralded as paradigm shifting leadership.  To the DC established bureaucracy it was unheard of.


Big Time's critics, legion is their name, have saved no expense in their effort to bring down the man they feel is behind all the evils of the W Administration.   He's responsible for the Iraq War, Global Warming, Torture at Guantanamo, Warrantless Wiretaps, and Male Pattern Baldness.  Leftists from all walks of life publicly bemoan the fact that he hasn't been assassinated or dropped dead from what would be his sixth heart attack.   As far as they know he has no heart at all.


Cheney is without a doubt the most active man ever to hold the office.  He knows the ropes in DC like few others and isn't afraid to enter the fray and get his hands dirty.   His enemies have gone to great lengths to bring him down.  Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald redefined over-zealousness in his efforts to bring Big Time to "justice" only to succeed in ruining a decent man over a process crime.   And yet, Big Time remains in place.  This very fact infuriates the left to a degree they make little sense. 


The MSM dreams of Big Time's demise so much that sometimes they put their dreams in the public square.  The WaPo's Sally Quinn had a waking dream where she remembered Barry Goldwater going to Richard Nixon and telling him it was time for him to resign.   Somehow this fantasy morphed into a GOP delegation led by Virginia's John Warner marching up to Big Time's office and telling him his time was up.    I don't know what Sally Quinn is drinking, but it must be some really strong stuff.


The timing of Quinn's fantasy and the WaPo's Big Time piece cannot be coincidence.  Its just another example of the MSM's never ending battle to bring down a man who simply doesn't care about the conventional wisdom of the Washington beltway elites.  This is what truly infuriates them.  Big Time simply ignores them – like most of the country does.


Here endeth the lesson.

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