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Thursday, July 19, 2007
Al “Chicken Little” Gore – “The Sulfuric Sky Is Falling”
by Cordeiro

One great thing about Al Gore – he say’s stuff so hilarious I couldn’t make it up if I tried. I’ve heard and read many dire predictions about what will happen if the Earth’s temperature continues to rise, but Al’s latest prognostication takes the proverbial cake (one that would not be baked lest it contribute to Global Warming).

In Aspen, Colorado at the Benedict Music Tent yesterday, Al Gore declared a “planetary emergency” only avoidable if
a 90-percent decrease in carbon emissions from developed fossil fuel guzzlers like the U.S. and a 50-percent decrease worldwide to get a handle on the problem.
What, pray tell will happen unless such draconian carbon cuts are made immediately? Again, I give you the Global Warming Prophet Al Gore:
Gore advised the audience to compare the blue orb of the Earth to Venus, where daytime temperatures reach 867 degrees Fahrenheit and it rains sulfuric acid. The two planets have the same amount of carbon, Gore explained, but Venus' just happens to be in the atmosphere, while most of the Earth's is still locked underground. "The habitability of this planet for human beings really is at risk," he said.
Yes, dear reader, unless you give up your SUV and turn off your air-conditioner, the sulfuric acid rains are gong to come and wipe humanity from the planet.

Al Gore throws environmental numbers around with the hope of instilling fear in people so they will turn to him for solutions. Is he actually even able to fathom what a 90% cut in US carbon emissions would entail? Of course not. He’s too busy flying around the world in private jets to understand the outrageousness emanating from his pie hole.

Do us all a favor, Al. Practice what you preach. Till then, I’m going to enjoy my freedom to drive what I want while I still can.

Here endeth the lesson.
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