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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
CU To Show Ward Churchill The Door
by Cordeiro

It's been so long since I bothered to waste keystrokes on Ward Churchill that I can't remember exactly where I placed him on the sliding scale of humanity.   I'm pretty sure he ranked someplace between MVM (Miserable Vomitous Mass) and WOSABA (Waste Of Skin And Breathable Air).  Either way, it – and he – really doesn't matter.


To refresh your memory, Churchill is the "professor" who gloried in the attacks of September 11, 2001 – declaring "the chickens had come home to roost" for the "little Eichmanns" whose high crimes against humanity consisted of going to work on a Tuesday morning.   Yes, Churchill did his best to personify the academic establishment.


What he did not learn, however, was the time worn parable about the dangers of hurling boulders around when you live in a glass house.   Turns out "Professor" Churchill fabricated most of his resume, including his Native American heritage, several academic works, and one or two advanced degrees.  Add to that his penchant for embellishing – sometimes to the point of outright fictionalizing – historical events and you have a festering dung pile not even the most enlightened academic mind can ignore.


So today, the University of Colorado's Board of Regents will take the better part of the day to close out Churchill's CU career.  I'm sure "Professor" Churchill will be picked up by some other wanna-be leftist excuse for an institution of higher learning which will indulge his "unique" take on academics.   Personally, I hope he finds work at an agricultural school where he'd be required to shovel actual excrement rather than force it down the throats of students.


At least the real excrement would have some actual value.


Here endeth the lesson.

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Wow, a post of yours I can actually read and agree with!

However, what the hell is it with your standard closing "Here endeth the lesson"? Like you are teaching a bible-class in the 1600's? God forbid, your thought-process is so shallow if you taught at a university and students had to listen to you shovel your excrement down their throats it would be as bad as listening to this idiot at CU. Nothing as bad as someone on the far left or far right criticising their opposite. It makes me chuckle.

But hey, thanks for a post that actually makes 100% sense.
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